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In Memory of Harriet G. Hart

February 26, 1897 December 12, 1985

This memorial website was created in the memory of Harriet G. Hart, born in Lakeville Corner, NB on February 26, 1897 and passed away on December 12, 1985 at 88 years of age.


Full name: Harriet G. Hart
Born: February 26, 1897
Passed away: December 12, 1985
Age: 88 years of age
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Father: John Simmons
Mother: Stella Briggs
Birthplace: Lakeville Corner, NB, Canada
Child: Ron Hart

The family of Gertrude Hart wishes to honor her memory with this perpetual obituary. Harriet Gertrude Simmons was born in Lakeville,Corner, NB on Feb. 26, 1897 and she passed away December 12, 1985 in Ottawa, ON where she had lived most of her adult life. She was the loving wife of Harry Hart, who passed away in 1974, and the mother of Ron Hart. Gertrude was a dynamic individual who was active in the community and her church, and was involved until the time of her death. She is survived by her son Ron, her daughter-in-law Pattie, and her loving niece Stella Ross.
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