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In Memory of Elizabeth Dufresne

July 13, 1971 June 12, 1993

This memorial website was created in the memory of Elizabeth Dufresne, born in Edmonton, Alberta on July 13, 1971 and passed away on June 12, 1993 at 21 years of age.


Full name: Elizabeth Dufresne
Born: July 13, 1971
Passed away: June 12, 1993
Age: 21 years of age
Location: Leduc/Nisku, Alberta, Canada
Father: George Dufresne
Mother: Helen Dufresne
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Children: Elishia Dufresne, Elizabeth Psiurski, and Matthew Dufresne.
Sibling: Deanna Makorrtoff

In the month of june, one month before her twenty-first birthday, Elizabeth Anne Dufresne, daughter of George and helen Dufresne passed away, without getting the chance to say goodbye. Sister Deanna is left to mourn her. Elishia Dawn and Elizabeth Lee are the children she left behind. Elizabeth otherwise known as Betty-Anne, lived a short and uncomplete life. She was a beautiful, smart woman who took what she had for granted. Her death made me look at my life differently and changed it forever.
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