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Swank Photo Series by Number Magazine Back Issue - Number # 12

Swank Photo Series # 12, 1995 - Ebony Heat magazine back issue Swank Photo Series by Number magizine back copy explodes with lust, shakes her big booty in your face, 3 girl daisy chain open their petals, throbbi

Swank Photo Series # 12, 1995 - Ebony Heat Magazine
UPC: 07148601305112
Number 12


4 Jordan McKnight
This hot new porn star explodes with lust!
12 Three For All
They open their petals in this 3-girl daisy chain!
20 La Vonda
A beautiful black girl shows a shade of hot pink!
28 Rob & Nikki
He gives her a hard, long, throbbing time!
36 Shakeba
Our centerfold shakes her booty in your face!
46 Donna
There is no body finer!
76 Extasy
She looks so innocent...but she's not!