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Erotic Film Guide Presents Magazine Back Issue - Number # 21

Erotic Film Guide Presents
Vintage Magazine Back Issues to Buy Printer Friendly Version of Erotic Film Guide Presents Magazine Cover Image and Contents Magazine Adult Database

Erotic Film Guide Presents

Erotic Film Guide Presents Front Cover

Erotic Film Guide Presents # 21 - Leggy Wives, 2009 magazine back issue Erotic Film Guide Presents magizine back copy leggy wives magazine 2009 issues hot horny housewives fetish porn mag explicit pics toes legs tight

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Erotic Film Guide Presents # 21 - Leggy Wives, 2009 Magazine

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UPC: 00928102010321
ISSN: 1949-386X
Number 21


2 Marlee Moore
10 Elise & Billie
18 Penny Flame
25 Julian & Selina Draaden
34 Debbie Vonnegut
38 The Adventures of Uber Nerd
43 Danielle St. John
51 Linda
59 Senior Speakout
What do you do when you want to get your man really horny?
62 Janice Davis
66 Naughty College Girl
69 Barbie & Johnathan B.
81 Housewives Hotspot
82 I Was a Fetish Leg Model
84 Leggy Leann
97 You Have Something To Say To Us?

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