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Superman in Startling 3D # 1
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Comic book cover browser This issue tells us three different stories:
1) "Cunning criminals have stolen many unusual things. But leave it to Luthor, that mad scientist, to pull a theft so fantastic that it's almost unbelievable. Even Superman is astounded by the audacity of... "The Man Who Stole The Sun" "
2) "Faster than a jet plane, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap the highest mountain--that's Superman, the idol of millions and champion of the underdog. But where did he come from... And how did he obtain his amazing powers? Learn the answers as we reveal the exciting story of... "The Origin of Superman!" "
3) "How would you like to have Superman at your service, pledged to fulfill your every command? Incredible as it seems, that actually happens, but the one whose orders Superman must obey is a sinister racketeer! What a dilemma for the Man of Steel when he has to cope with... "The Man Who Bossed Superman!" "

Originally published in January 1, 1953, it was later reprinted in 1997. These stories came from the Superman newspaper stripes.
1) "The Man Who Stole The Sun" was from Superman #48.
2) "The Origin of Superman"
3) "The Man who Bossed Superman" was from Superman #51.

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