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Our Army at War # 421
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Our Army at War # 422
Our Army at War A1 Comix Comic Book Database
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Comic book cover browser Our Army at War was an American comic book published by DC Comics that featured war themed stories and featured the first appearances of Sgt. Rock and Enemy Ace. The series started in August 1952 and ended in February 1977, lasting for 301 issues, until it was retitled Sgt. Rock with issue # 302 .

Our Army at War was launched in August 1952 as part of a wave of war comics. The stories were often followed by tag lines such as "Explosive Battle Action". One of the main characters was Sgt. Rock, who appeared in #81 (April 1959) as Sgt. Rocky along with his team, Easy Company. The character got his final name in issue #83. Writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert introduced Enemy Ace in #151 (February 1965). Artist Neal Adams made his DC Comics debut with the story "It's My Turn to Die", written by Howard Liss, in issue #182 (July 1967)." Writer/artist Sam Glanzman began his series of biographical war stories about his service aboard the U.S.S. Stevens in issue #218 (April 1970). The series' title was changed to Sgt. Rock with issue #302 (March 1977).

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