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Children and the Sun

My wife Sue and I were watching a pretty good show the other night called Nurse Jackie starring Edie Falco. In this episode Jackie gets called into her daughter's school to meet with the teacher, the principal, and the school social worker. They had determined that her daughter had serious psychological problems and one of the ways they came to this conclusion was the fact that none of her pictures had a sun in them.

At first I took it with a grain of salt but then I started noticing my children's pictures, and they all have suns in them, starting from pictures they drew when they were 3 years old. It amazes me to think that there pictures could omit so many things, like sometimes there are no trees, or no birds, or no grass or no clouds but there is always a sun.

I did some digging on the Internet and it seems that the sun is associated with their parents. If the sun is happy, the child is having a positive interaction with the parent; if the sun is angry the child is having a negative interaction with the parent; if the sun is missing there is a disconnect with the parent (i.e. the parent may be absent from their life or a darker scenario could be occurring).

As we all know, psychology is a soft science, and is thus very subjective, but if you notice that a sun is missing from a large portion of your child's pictures, I think you should seriously ask yourself what is going on with your kid. Something may be happening that you aren't even aware of.

Written by: Sean Ross on June 24, 2010