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Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe is a 2009 console role-playing game, co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory and Gust Corporation exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is published by Idea Factory in Japan and NIS America in North America and Europe and was released in Japan on October 1, 2009 and in North America and Europe on June 2010. The game features characters from the Atelier and Disgaea series from Gust Corporation and Nippon Ichi Software respectively, with fully 3D character models for the first time.

Trinity Universe Gameplay

In Trinity Universe's battle system, each attack uses a certain amount of AP, and skills are assigned to three different buttons, it has a very similar combat system to Hyperdimension Neptunia except without Neptunia's extensive customization. If players execute a string of skills, they can deal more damage. Time is said to be an important element, with players having a set period in which to destroy a gravitation field and escape a dungeon.

The game features two different scenarios, Goddess side which features Gust characters, and a Demon Lord side with Nippon Ichi characters. The protagonist in the Demon Lord story line is a devil dog named Kanata, while the Goddess side stars the Valkyrie Rizelea.

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