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Trinity: Souls Of Zill O値l

Trinity: Souls Of Zill O値l

Trinity: Souls Of Zill O値l

Trinity: Souls of Zill O値l, known as Trinity: Zill O'll Zero in Japan, is an action fantasy RPG video game set in part of the Zill O'll series, which had previously appeared on PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The game is a prequel, taking place five years before the events in Zill O'll.

Downloadable content that included additional quests and alternate costumes for the main party was released only in Japan and will not be translated for other regions.

Trinity: Souls Of Zill O値l Plot

Areus, a half elf is destined to kill the emperor, his grandfather. When the evil emperor finds out about his fate he has his pregnant daughter and Areus's father murdered. Areus's mother manages to escape to a boat with the emperor's men in hot pursuit. Many years later Areus has become an adventurer who fights in the arena in a major city in order to get stronger to avenge his father.

Along his travels Areus meets two new characters who join him and have their own back story and secrets. Finding out and having them trust him isn't as easy as it sounds.

Trinity: Souls Of Zill O値l Gameplay

The game features a three character party system; the player is allowed to only control one character but can freely switch between each of them with a single button to perform a variety of setups and combos. For example, one character can be set to cast a spell and the player can immediately switch to another to defend the magic caster. When the character controlled by the player leads the party into a group of monsters, the two other characters may automatically assist the player's character.

All three characters can perform two group attacks: the Trinity Attack or the Soul Burst. Like the musou feature found in several Warriors games, the party will gradually build a gauge -called a Trinity Gauge- that is adjacent to their characters' face icons. The party can unleash a Trinity Attack, a destructive attack in a wider range than usual, once the gauge is filled. Trinity Attacks can be strengthened as it possesses its own leveling system. Soul Bursts are stronger attacks unleashed by the entire party, but they are trickier to take effect. It advocates for each character to attack a foe simultaneously.

Each character has a different job class (warrior, mage and assassin) or Souls. Souls are packed with the techniques and abilities that vary based on the character. When a particular Soul runs out of abilities to learn, a new Soul may replace it. Skills from various Souls can cross over to create different techniques. Magic is learned in this manner and is categorized as either air, fire, earth or water. These abilities can either be bought at a Sorcerer's Guild within a town, found as a treasure in dungeons, or earned by acclimating Skill Points (SP) from defeated enemies in battle.

Environments are fully interactive to allow players to destroy it, pick up items on the field and unlock new pathways. Cutting away the field in such a fashion can be used to the player's advantage during battles with monsters.

ReceptionReception of the game has been mixed, obtaining average or negative reviews from professional reviewers. G4 reviews praised the combat, but noted a lack of depth in all other areas. While Gamespot stated "Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll offers such varied and satisfying combat that it's easy to lose dozens of hours while you cleanse the world of evil." but continued "The setup has been done before, and Trinity doesn't offer interesting twists to make this tale compelling. Static dialog screens try to build character and motivation, but there is so much text to read, and so little of it worth paying attention to, that it's hard to care about the events as they're unfolding." and "The sense of place is also quite dismal. Instead of walking through towns and exploring the world at your leisure, you click on dialog boxes against bland backgrounds in each new city you enter. It's disappointing that this world wasn't given much of a personality, and this lack of attachment makes it difficult to become invested early on in your adventure."

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