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Space Cavern

Space Cavern

Space Cavern

Space Cavern by Apollo is a video game for the Atari 2600, which allows one or two players, to move left and right, shooting enemies above them, and to either side. It was the first scrolling game for the 2600.

Space Cavern Plot

You are in command of a Mark XIV intergalactic star-cruiser in an uncharted quadrant of outer space. You land on a mysterious planet riddled with a subterranean maze of tunnels and caverns inhabited by savage Electrosauri whose horns generate electro-molecular charges capable of disintegrating you and your crew. Your photon ray pistol is activated by pressing the joystick and the fire button. The iridescent eyes of the Electrosauri light the cavern walls with eerie flashes as they stalk you, their horns crackling and sizzling. If even one blast of electro-molecular energy strikes you, your skeleton will glow inside your body as the bio-molecular compounds of your body disintegrate. WARNING: Beware the savage attack of the shaggy marsupods.

Space Cavern Gameplay

There are 48 variations of play for Space Cavern. The player is able to switch between them, determining how many Electrosauri and marsupods there will be, as well as the blast directions of the Electrosauri, being straight or random.

When the player shoots an Electrosauri flying above, a ghost of it appears, and comes tumbling down.

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