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Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White Snowboarding

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shōjo is a Japanese visual novel and eroge developed by Akabeisoft2 and published by Palace Game. On November 4, 2009, the translation group on the Visual Novel Translations Wiki released an English Localization patch for it.

A fandisc named Sharin no Kuni, Yūkyū no Shōnenshōjo which expands on Masaomi Houzuki's back-story and each heroine's respective endings was released on January 26, 2007.

Shaun White Snowboarding Plot

Sharin no Kuni's story centers around Kenichi Morita, a young man who has been training for the past seven years to become a Special High Class Individual. For his final examination, he has been dispatched to the same town in which he lived as a child. His task: to pose as a student in the town's school and rehabilitate three of his classmates who possess 'obligations', successfully preparing them to re-enter society.

However, this seemingly straightforward examination will force him to call upon all his training, exercise all his wits, and confront the past he fled from so many years ago...

Will Kenichi be able to pass the examination or will his past finally catch up with him?

The Wii version of Shaun White Snowboarding was the 20th best-selling game of December 2008 in the United States, and it was the best selling version.

The Wii version of the game received more positive reception than any of the other versions. Eurogamer gave the Wii version 7/10, praising it as "the best looking version", singling out the presentation, soundtrack, implementation of the Wii Balance Board controls and multiplayer, while criticising the Wii Remote controls, half-pipe sections, difficulty level, and short duration of the single-player mode. It was a nominee for several Wii-specific awards from IGN in its 2008 video game awards, including Best New IP, Best Sports Game, Best Graphics Technology, Best Use of the Balance Board, and Game of the Year. The Xbox 360 version was nominated for "Worst Game Everyone Played" by GameSpot in their 2008 video game awards, and was awarded the title of "Most Dubious Use of In-Game Advertising" for excluding 20% of its content from editions not sold from the Target Stores editions.

GameSpot gave the game a 5/10 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Over 3 Million copies of the game had been sold as of May 2009.

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