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Rumble Roses XX

Rumble Roses XX

Rumble Roses XX

Rumble Roses XX is a female professional wrestling fighting game developed by Yuke's and Konami for the Xbox 360 as the sequel to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Rumble Roses. The game was released by Konami in North America on March 28, 2006, and in Japan on March 30.

Rumble Roses XX Plot

Unlike the previous game in the series, Rumble Roses XX does not have a story mode. In Rumble Roses, story mode unveiled an overarching game plot as well as individual character-specific sub-plots. Successful completion with any character resulted in advancement of the stories. However, as this mode has been omitted in Rumble Roses XX, there is no implied plot-line for this game. Due to the two games being so similar, it suggests that the plot-lines from the first game still apply in the second. However, it offers no means of reciting or advancing these story-lines. If the player is not familiar with the first game, they would have to do independent research to discover the games stories (e.g. playing the previous game).

Rumble Roses XX Gameplay

With the exception of a simple street fighting mode, the bulk of the gameplay focuses on matches which take place in various locales. Matches can be between individual wrestlers, between tag teams of two wrestlers each, or between a wrestler and a team (a more difficult handicap match).

Matches are won either through pinning an opponent or forcing the opponent to tap out with a submission move. Players can break free of these through rapid button presses, although as wrestlers suffer more damage (both overall and to specific body parts), this becomes more difficult.

The general game mechanics involve striking and grappling with foes to inflict damage upon different body parts. As successful strikes and grapples are performed, players fill a finishing move gauge which can be expended to activate special moves. Attacks can also be countered with the correct timing, resulting in humiliation for the opposing character. When humiliation builds up to a certain level, wrestlers become vulnerable to special "H-Moves", which have a high probability of inflicting a knockout. Other special moves activated via the filled gauges include "Killer Moves" and "Lethal Moves", which differ for each wrestler.

Rumble Roses XX supports online Xbox Live gameplay for up to four players, playing as a team or against each other. The online content also allows the player to upload or download images from the game's photo shoot mode.

A wide array of character customization options are available from within the Customization Mode. These include various unlockable costumes and swimsuits, as well as adjustable sliders which can be used to increase or decrease body and muscle attributes.

The game also includes a Tag Team mode where two players can partake in a tag match. Whenever two specific wrestlers are teamed up, they will have their own special team intro, team name, tag-out sequence, Special Double X move and a special victory pose. There are only three characters in the game that don't have a team partner and those three girls are Yasha, Becky and Evil Rose.

The special teams and their names are:

Reiko Hinomoto & Noble Rose: The Kamikaze Typhoon

Candy Cane & Miss Spencer: The Punk & Teacher Alliance (P. T. A.)

Makoto Aihara & Aigle: The Great Beautiful Strong Pair (G. B. S. P.)

Reiko Hinomoto & Dixie Clemets: Tequila Sunrise

Dixie Clemets & Aisha: Rodeo Drive

Anesthesia & Benikage: The Balance Of Terror

Sista A & Mistress: The Vanity Twins

The Black Belt Demon & Great Khan: The Naughty Empire

Sgt. Clemets & Rowdy Reiko: Original Sin

Dr. Anesthesia & Lady X Subsistence: Anesthesia's Experiment

Rumble Roses XX was generally unpopular in North America but was relatively well received in Japan, and was rereleased in a Platinum Collection edition. It was the fifth best selling Xbox 360 title in Japan from the console's launch in December 2005 to June 20, 2006. By December 9, 2007, the game had dropped to 18th place in Japanese sales.

The character Reiko Hinomoto came in fourth place in a poll that asked 1500 Japanese gamers to name their favorite Xbox 360 heroine.

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