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Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is an action-adventure video game based on the first season of the Fox television series Prison Break, released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It was released on March 19, 2010 in Germany, March 26, 2010 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and March 30, 2010 in North America. The game had been in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for release in February 2009, but was canceled when Brash Entertainment closed down. However, ZootFly continued the development and self-funded the project for 13 months. Once the game was polished and nearly finished, it was picked up by new publisher Deep Silver.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is based around the events of the first season of Fox's convict drama. However, rather than playing as main character Michael Scofield, players instead take control of Tom Paxton, an agent with covert organization 'The Company', who must go undercover as a prisoner within Fox River State Penitentiary in order to ensure that the falsely incarcerated Lincoln Burrows must ride the lighting in the electric chair. The game is split into 9 chapters, all of which represent a part of the real story that the TV series followed.

The game has received generally unfavorable reviews with Metacritic scores of 42/100 and 40/100 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions respectively. The Daily Telegraph described the game as "an abject failure on all counts," rating it 2/10. GamingXP said "For gamers who donít have problems with linearity Prison Break: The Conspiracy offers an interesting adventure. Especially fans of the TV series will enjoy the story that is based on the first season." However despite these reviews, I say that the game is 10/10. The graphics are excellent and really gves you a fill of prison life and the environment.

Tom Mc Shea of GameSpot says Prison Break: The Conspiracy suffers from "horribly inconsistent AI" and "sluggish controls," among other problems, while the staff at Official Xbox Magazine UK comically concluded their review of the game by saying ďIf you're a fan of Prison Break, why not consider assaulting some strangers and being sent to a real prison? You'll end up feeling marginally less violated than if you played this dog turd tie-in," ultimately giving the game a score of 3/10.

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