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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a military simulation video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 developed by British game developer Codemasters. Codemasters has advertised the game as a tactical shooter designed to represent modern infantry combat realistically. It is an unofficial stand-alone sequel to Bohemia Interactive's Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, but was developed entirely by Codemasters due to a falling-out between the two companies.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Plot

Dragon Rising takes place on the fictional island of Skira, in May 2011.

After the Global Economic Crisis causes mass unemployment and political destabilization in China, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) seize control of Skira and the vast, newly discovered reservoir of oil there, from the Russian Federation. Peace talks prove useless as both combatants lay claim to Skira due to previous ownership of it. The situation deteriorates quickly and China begins to fortify its northern provinces in anticipation of armed conflict with Russia. Russia, already countering the PLA on the Chinese mainland, calls to the United States of America to retake Skira from the Chinese. Bound by treaty arrangements made after the end of the Cold War, America agrees and the two biggest armies in the world begin to clash on the island. As the game progresses, the player must fight off enemy forces along with his fireteam and allied soldiers, for example, this could be assaulting a village held by the PLA, suppressing a team pinning down your fellow soldiers, or rescuing downed crews of crashed helicopters from behind enemy lines.

Bit-tech described it as "a schizophrenic design built over a bland world" and described the environment as "an imagination wasteland".

GameSpot said "This tactical military shooter delivers tense and engaging action, competently completing its objective in the face of AI blunders and occasional bugs." However, GameSpot did note the generally intelligent AI enemies and allies alike, saying that the squadmates are "more of an asset than a liability", and that the enemies make you "feel threatened," and are like "battle-hardened, intelligent soldiers."

IGN described the game as unique, fun, and challenging, but unpolished. Despite "consistent issues due to weak AI," they said the AI was decent, and "not awful." Praise was also given to the details and graphics of the PC version.

However, some reviewers found that the game "lacked polish," and that despite many finding that they "wanted to like it," it simply did not live up to expectations. IGN stated that the game should not have been released on consoles as it feels and plays like a PC-only experience.

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