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MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09/10 Racing For The Victory is Capcom's second game, as a single publisher, using the rights to develop video games for the MotoGP series. It is only available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was scheduled to be released on March 12, 2010 but was delayed by 1 week and was released on March 19, 2010.

MotoGP 09/10 Gameplay

MotoGP 09/10 will feature 4 modes with the first of them being Career Mode. Players take control of their career on and off of the track competing in races and hiring engineers, team managers and press officers to help further their career as a pro and ultimately win the MotoGP World Championship. Demonstrating your riding skills on the track through overtaking, slip-streaming and showboating will be rewarded with Rider Reputation points. Pushing too hard can be detrimental as collisions and crashes will reduce the reputation bonus at the end of each race. The more rider reputation points you earn the more attractive you become to other manufactures, sponsors and employees. Your team will also research upgrades for your existing bike to increase its performance. As you start off at the 125cc you can upgrade your team into the Moto2 series and then ultimately into the MotoGP series. Career Mode has a limitless number of years allowing you to continue career mode indefinitely.

GameZone's Michael Lafferty gave the game a 6.5 out of 10, saying "While the controls can seem a bit touchy at times, the actual racing animations feel stiff and not as fluid as they should be. Sure, these are big bikes and metal doesn’t bend that well, but there were times when it just felt as though the game was on a rail. That said, for those who like racing games and motorcycles, MotoGP 09/10 has a robust racing package that should sate appetites."

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