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MLB 07: The Show

MLB 07: The Show

MLB 07: The Show

MLB 07: The Show, produced by SCE San Diego Studio, is a baseball video game for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP. It is the only first-party MLB-licensed video game for the 2007 season, and the only baseball game available for the PlayStation systems aside from Major League Baseball 2K7. The PlayStation 2 and the PSP versions of this game were released on February 27, 2007 while the PlayStation 3 version was released on May 15, 2007.

New York Mets 2007 All-Star third baseman David Wright is featured on the cover. The three-man team of announcers once again include Rex Hudler, Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell.

MLB 07: The Show Gameplay

MLB 07 The Show makes the transition to next-gen with a suite of advanced features in its race to become MVP of 2007's baseball crop. The all-new Road to The Show mode enables gamers to play both offense and defense from the created player's perspective. Providing an even more realistic experience from the mound, the all-new New Pitch Command System (PCS) delivers comprehensive strategy to pitch selection, as a pitcher's "pitch comfort" will be predetermined based on a best to worst pitch scenario. It is up the gamer to decide if he/she should try to "work on a pitch" or just go with what is working. Additionally, with the Adaptive Pitching Intelligence (API) feature, catchers will call the game based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each pitcher as well as analyze tendencies of batters. Gamers will now have the ability to either trust the pitches called by the catcher or shake them off. MLB 07 The Show also delivers a robust online feature set, including Online League Play, which offers the ability to set up customizable leagues with up to 30 teams, complete with full stat tracking, point benefits and rewards.

ReceptionReviews have generally been positive. The April 2007 issue of Game Informer awarded the PlayStation 2 version an 8.75. Of the online reviews, UGO awarded B-, with sub-ratings of a B for the gameplay and a C+ for the presentation. Yahoo! Games awarded the game an 80%, praising the number of available modes, The Road to the Show feature in particular. GameSpot awarded the game an 8.5, as compared to the 7.4 they gave for MLB 2K7. The PSP version got an 8.0. IGN also awarded the game an 8.5, as compared to the 7.0 score MLB 2K7 received, but IGN gave the PSP version a 7.9 score. All in total, Metacritic's score totals it up to an average of 83, which is generally favorable. Overall, MLB 07: The Show has received a higher audience with nearly 71% of gamers playing The Show over MLB 2K7. The only negative rating comes from Game Trailers, which gave the game a 6.9, saying that "If you’re looking for a starter hardball game, then it is definitely a good choice, but one more season of lethargy and Sony will be caught stealing."

One aspect that has been mentioned by reviewers are the number of bugs or glitches in the game. Examples of this are scoring runs after being caught out and high fly balls not functioning correctly. The game suffered in its reviews due to this with critics praising the gameplay but lamenting the sheer number of bugs that should have been solved before release.

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