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MAG (video Game)

MAG (video Game)

MAG (video Game)

MAG, previously titled MAG: Massive Action Game, is a multiplayer-only first-person shooter video game developed by Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation 3. The game was announced at Sony's E3 2008 press conference. Various subtitles were being considered for the game, including MAG: Shadow War, MAG: Zero, MAG: Global Assault and MAG: Final Hour. The game was released in North America on January 26, 2010, mainland Europe on January 27 and the United Kingdom on January 29. It was released in Australia and New Zealand on February 11, 2010. MAG received an award from Guinness World Records as "Most Players in a Console FPS" with 256 players.

It was announced in July 2013 that the online servers for MAG are to be shut down on January 28, 2014. Due to its reliance on online play, it will not be possible to play the game beyond this date.

MAG (video Game) Gameplay

MAG uses a new server architecture to support online battles with up to 256 players, with users divided into eight-player squads, with four squads forming a platoon, and four platoons forming a company. Each squad is led by a player who has advanced through the game's ranking system. Character statistics and development also increase with frequent gameplay. The players assigned leadership positions are able to simultaneously direct the battle and participate directly in combat.

Version 2.0 introduced a new skill tree and also a supply depot for purchasing weapons. Now, in the skill tree there are individual classes in which players can spend their skill points. These classes include Assault, Marksman, Close Quarters, Special Ops, Medical, Engineering, Athleticism, Vehicles, and Resistances, which then branches off into their own skill tree. Players now in the supply depot have a balance which is money that is earned from every match. So instead of getting the weapons/attachments in the skill tree they can now be purchased separately. After an item is bought players have the choice of selling that item for half of its original price. Patch v1.05 introduced a modified leadership selection algorithm that relies on using leadership points that are earned by winning battles while being at least a squad leader and whether the player has a Bluetooth headset or not.

Basic battles take place within ongoing, faction-based campaigns to encourage the player to actively play. The game's E3 unveiling trailer featured large landscapes, tactics such as air strikes and parachuting, and a variety of vehicles, from tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) to airplanes.

Players are able to customize the face, voice, and armor of their characters, as well as what weapons and kit they carry into battle. In game, the player can level up to 70 on any faction. After achieving level 70, players may enter the Veteran mode and select a new faction (or, if a player chooses so, Veteran in the same faction as before). Veteran mode wipes out the current progress and makes the player start from scratch, although the medals, ribbons, statistics and the leadership points player has earned in the past remain intact. Player also receives a +10% XP bonus which increases the leveling speed. Veteran bonuses do not stack, which means that the +10% remains no matter how many times player has used this mode. Aside from that, player receives a star insignia under his current rank which is used so the experienced players are not confused with newcomers. The number of the stars indicate how many times the player has reached level 70.

MAG has received generally positive reviews. According to Metacritic, the game stands at a 76. GameTrailers gave the game praise for its large multiplayer and inventive level up system, giving the game an 8.2/10. G4 gave it 4 out of 5 stars saying it is a good addition to the PlayStation 3's library. IGN US gave the game a rating of 7.0/10, complaining about bugs, stiff animations, unbalanced factions and overall lack of content and polish for the price. IGN UK gave it 7.6/10 and complained about the same problems. GameSpot gave it a rating of 8/10, praising the well-integrated command structure, but complaining about technical awkwardness.

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