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Lego The Lord Of The Rings

Lego The Lord Of The Rings

Lego The Lord Of The Rings

Lego The Lord of the Rings is a multi-platform action-adventure video game, developed by Traveller's Tales, that was released on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The OS X version of the game, published by Feral Interactive, was released on 21 February 2013.

Based on The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, the game follows the original storylines of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, taking players through the epic story events, "re-imagined with the humour and endless variety of Lego play". The game utilises music and voice acting taken from all three films of the film trilogy. The developer Traveller's Tales has stated they toned down the slapstick humor found in other Lego-licensed titles. The game follows the events in the films, however like the Lego Star Wars series, some scenes from the films have been altered to become more family friendly or just provide comic relief to the player. The player, as always, can play with family and friends with easy access drop-in, drop-out gameplay option. The game is more like a role-playing game than previous Lego video game titles because the player has an inventory that grows throughout play. This is the last LEGO game to be released on the Wii.

Lego The Lord Of The Rings Plot

The game follows the storylines from the The Lord of the Rings films: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. However, the developers modified the storylines to fit the events into a number of game chapters per film. Notable scenes have been recreated from the films, such as the memorable Moria scenes. Each different character has at least one special ability. The game features a new dynamic for a Lego game, where the characters will be able to acquire new items and weaponry as the story advances.

"In contrast to our other games, covering those three films is an epic journey," says TT Games chief Jonathan Smith. "It really is a sense of an adventure rather than a series of stories. You build up your characters as you venture through the world of Middle-Earth. Our hub will be the world of Middle-Earth. As you see that unfold, as you journey through it toward your ultimate destination on this epic quest, that gives it a sense that is completely different to the open world of Gotham of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. You're really driving forward on a quest. Practically, in terms of the levels there's a mix between fighting and puzzling as you'd expect. We have some very big battles. We have some cool enemies. And then, for puzzling, if you're a connoisseur of the series perhaps you'll remember something more like Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures where we're picking up and dropping items and there's some inventory-based play as well and customization of characters as they go through the adventure."

Lego The Lord Of The Rings Gameplay

New features are added to the gameplay from the older Lego video games, such as the travelling through Middle-earth in between levels, and switching between storylines of different heroes. Players also collect and use a variety of weaponry and magical items, including the Light of Eärendil, Elven Rope, swords, and bows. New character abilities include Lighting up dark places (Frodo, Gandalf, Radagast and Saruman) and being thrown at things (Gimli and Gloin). Each character has their own inventory that can be used to collect new and better items. The game has a total of 18 levels (plus a bonus level upon completion), as well as a hidden ending.

Lego The Lord of the Rings has received generally positive reviews from critics. However, many gamers complain about the lack of any online multiplayer functionality on any of the consoles.

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