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History Civil War: Secret Missions

History Civil War: Secret Missions

History Civil War: Secret Missions

Civil War: Secret Missions is a historical first-person shooter video game developed by Cauldron Ltd, and released on 4 November 2008 by Activision Value and the History Channel for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a sequel to The History Channel: Civil War A Nation Divided.

History Civil War: Secret Missions Gameplay

This game takes the player through secret missions that took place on both sides of the war. The player has to battle enemy forces and protect his fellow soldiers. Melee is a large part of the game, as it was in the prequel. Reload times vary from weapon to weapon, with muskets taking a long time to reload, and repeating rifles taking a relatively short time.

Missions includes being a part of a secret sniper mission at the Battle of Gettysburg, conducting a covert train raid on the B&O Railroad, sabotage artillery outposts during the Lewisburg Deception, etc. Using the weaponry and military advancements of the Civil War like the automatic guns of the era and the usage of repeating rifles, grenades, sabers, exploding artillery, and shotguns.

The game features intense, tactical combat. It's based on authentic Civil War combat methods, artillery barrages, urban assaults, sniping, and stealth. Set charges, place explosives, sabotage enemy strongholds, and destroy enemy buildings to complete objectives.

Bonus objectives are thrown at you from mission to mission like saving P.O.W.s and destroying crates. Players can ignore and accept these mission. Each level begins with a documentary video describing every mission and the importance it played in the Civil War.

The game has met mediocre ratings from critics. IGN praised the graphics but panned the length of the game. GameRankings criticizes the small glitches, but praised the game in portraying "something to skip WWII shooters".

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