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How do I Know if I Need Talk Therapy?
Are You ...
feeling lonely, anxious or depressed?
struggling with anger, jealousy or grief?
having trouble forgiving someone for a transgression?
feeling guilty about your own thoughts or actions?
behaving in ways that don't fit with your usual patterns?
having feelings or thoughts that are out of control, hard to understand or disturbing?
having challenges with an important relationship such as your partner or your children?
dealing with a family conflict, a difficult life transition, the death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, divorce, separation or a mid-life crisis?
unable to accept yourself, to love yourself, for who you are?
wishing to explore spiritual issues such as your faith, life views or life purpose?

Using the power of Talk Therapy, we can help you address:
low self esteem . depression . anxiety . stress . trauma . loss
loneliness . anger . eating disorders. bereavement . forgiveness . relationship difficulties . parenting challenges . and family struggles

Your emotional struggles should never be down-played.
They can have a profound effect on your ability to function and can be highly incapacitating. Unless you deal with your feelings, thoughts and behaviors head-on, and with the help of a professional, you may be less able to focus on your work, unable to think clearly, and may have a harder time developing healthy relationships. Find out more about the dangers of hiding your feelings.

We CAN help you...
gain a broader, more realistic perspective on the challenges you face.
understand the potential causes of your distress, slowly uncovering deeply buried feelings which, when left alone, can fuel your pain even further.
The secret to emotional healing is to...
face your pain
understand your feelings
make meaning of them and the events surrounding or causing your pain
be persistent
transform your feelings so that you can find a more positive, effective way of living
Only then can you move past your present state and find a life that is richer, fuller and more deeply satisfying.

Most talk therapists expect you to be available when they are available. Not us, we at WonderClub are available when you need us. You can call us at anytime and one of our staff will be ready to assist you. We charge $0.75 per minute plus a $2.99 connection fee. You can call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226. We only accept Visa and Mastercard at this time.