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These puzzles cannot be found in stores

3D Puzzles with 700-1500 pieces - Super Challenging

3 d puzzle big ben wrebbit
Big Ben
3d jigsaw puzzle Millenium Falcon from Star Wars by Wrebbit
Millenium Falcon
3d puzzle empire state building wrebbit
Empire State Building
3d puzzle imperial star destroyer star wars wrebbit
Imperial Star Destroyer

3D Puzzles with 700-1100 pieces - Very Difficult
Taj Mahal - 3D Puzzle - Rare Collectors Item
Taj Mahal
Orient Express 3D Puzzle
Orient Express

Makkah - The Holy Haram - 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

R2D2 from Star Wars - 3D Jigsaw Puzzle by Wrebbit
Notre Dame Cathedral - 3D Puzzel
Notre Dame Cathedral
Citadel on the Lake 3d jigsaw puzzle by Wrebbit
Citadel on the Lake

3D Jigsaw Puzzle of the Chenonceau Castle
Chateau Chenonceau

3D Jigsaw Puzzle of the Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral
Paris 1859 3d jigsaw puzzle model replica by Wrebbit
Paris 1859
Saint Marks Basilica 3d puzzle by Wrebbit
St. Mark's Basilica

3D Puzzles with 600-1000 pieces - Difficult
London Tower Bridge - 3D Jigsaw Puzzle by Wrebbit
London Tower Bridge
Camelot - 3D Puzzle
Life Size Grandfather Clock 3d foam jigsaw puzzle made by Wrebbit Puzz-3d
Grandfather Clock
Statue of Liberty - New York - 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
Statue of Liberty
Cathedral of Florence
Cathedral of Florence
Old Mill at Stony Creek
Old Mill at Stony Creek
Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow Russia model replica
St-Basil's Cathedral
Alsace 3d jigsawpuzzle
Victorian Mansion 3dpuzzle by Wrebbit
Victorian Mansion
Eiffel Tower Model Replica
Eiffel Tower
La Riviera
La Riviera or Mediterranean Village
Medieval Village Rothenburg - 3D Puzzle
Medieval Village

3D Puzzles with 300-800 pieces - Difficult
puzz 3d of Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel
3D Jigsaw Puzzle of Apollo 11
Apollo 11
3D Jigsaw Puzzle of Golden Carousel
Golden Carousel
3D Jigsaw Puzzle of the U.S. Capitol
The Capitol

3D Puzzles with 300-800 pieces - Average
White House foam 3d model replica
White House
Yankee Stadium foam jigsaw puzzle model replica
Yankee Stadium
Cows Cove Lighthouse
Cows Cove Lighthouse
3D Jigsaw Puzzle of the Violin
The Violin
London Bus Puzz3D Hasbro Wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 3D
London Bus
Bavarian Mansion
Bavarian Mansion
Old Mansion
Old Mansion
Titanic Model

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

Cirque de Soleil
Cirque de Soleil

Kinkaku-Ji The Golden Temple - 3D Puzzle

3D Puzzles with 100-300 pieces - Easy

Chateau Frontenac

Phantom Manor

Montreal City Hall
Rain Forest
Rain Forest


Country Church

Breton House

Normandy House

Street in Venice

Alhambra Palace

Arc de Triomphe

The Farm

The School

Street in San Francisco

Mickey's House

Snow White's House

Peppercricket Farms
3D Jigsaw Puzzle of Mont-Saint-Michel

Greek Village

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This page contains very rare 3d jigsaw puzzles which are no longer being manufactured by Wrebbit. These puzzles can no longer be found in stores. 98% of these puzzles are in stock and ready to ship. Extremely rare puzzles such as Makkah are often on back order. If you would like to know for sure whether your puzzle is available or not you can send us an e-mail at info@wonderclub.com.

WonderClub is commited to serving our customers and we will search for puzzles that are not listed on our site. If there is a 3d puzzle that you want but you cannot find please let us know and we will try to get it for you.

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