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Egyptian Tomb - Wrebbit Jigsaw Puzzle

egyptian tomb jigsaw puzzle, sarcophagus, puzz3d mini, 61 pieces egyptiantomb
Egyptian Tomb

Title:    Egyptian Tomb
Pieces: 61

Size:     Height = 9.3 inches
             Width = 2.7 inches
             Depth = 2.5 inches

Manufacturer: Wrebbit
Item Number: MINI-128

A 3D Puzzle of an Egyptian Tomb.

A sarcophagus is a stone container for a coffin or body. The word comes from Greek "sarx" meaning "flesh", and "phagien" meaning "to eat", so sarcophagus means "eater of flesh". The 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus noted that early sarcophagi (the plural) were carved from a special kind of rock that consumed the flesh of the corpse inside. In particular, coffins made of a limestone from Assus in the Troad known as lapis Assius had the property of consuming the bodies placed within them, and therefore was also called sarkophagos lithos (flesh-eating stone). All coffins made of limestone have this property to a greater or lesser degree, and the name eventually came to be applied to stone coffins in general.

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