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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale

Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
mini puzzle lighthouse puzz3d, wrebbit, 77 pieces jigsaw puzzleMINI-113Lighthouse7729.99
sphinx 3d puzzle, rare mini puzzles, wrebbit puzz3d sphinxMINI-125Sphinx6914.99
mini 3d puzzle, mayan temple, rare mini puzz3d puzzle, wrebbitMINI-126Mayan Temple6719.99
a 3d mini puzzle of a japanese pagoda, wrebbit puzz3d mini, 78 pieces, mini puzzMINI-127Japanese Pagoda7829.99
big ben rare mini puzzle, wrebbit, puzz3d big ben clockMINI-201Big Ben5229.99
3d mini puzzle, brandenburger tor, brandenburg gate, wrebbit puzz3dMINI-NA1Brandenburg Gate4929.99
rare puzzle great wall of china, greatwall china, wrebbit puzz3d, 191 pieces, easy puzzlesP3D-405Great Wall of China19199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle of montreal's city hall, puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-501Montreal City Hall17299.99
puzz3d of le chateau frontenac, quebec city jigsaw puzzlesP3D-502Chateau Frontenac21999.99
kinkaku-ji zen temple puzz3d, jigsaw puzzle of the famous golden temple, puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-7006Kinkaku-Ji (The Golden Temple)357299.99
1876 victorian mansion in montreal, puzz3d by wrebbit, old mansion, montreal architectureP3D-7007The Old Mansion37899.99
cows cove 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare puzzle by wrebbitP3D-7503Cows Cove - Seaside Lighthouse34999.99
taj mahal 3d puzzle, tajmahal wrebbit rare 3d jigsaw puzzle, very rareP3D-812Taj Mahal1077199.99
capitol of the united states 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3dP3D-901Capitol of the US718199.99
eiffel tower 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare foam puzzle, 700 piecesP3D-903Eiffel Tower703199.99
victorian mansion, rare wrebbit jigsaw puzzle, 700 piecesP3D-907Victorian Mansion70099.99
reichstag berlin building 3d puzzle by wrebbit puzz3d jigsaw puzzle rareP3D-NA11Reichstag, Berlin621199.99
arc de triomphe 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare jigsaw puzzleP3D-NA4Arc de Triomphe24699.99
mystery of the pyramid jigsaw puzzle, 3d puzzle shaped like a pyramid00201Mystery of the Pyramid504199.99
Statue of Liberty 3d Puzz by Wrebbit, statueofliberty libertystatue symbol of freedom giftP3D-NA2Statue of Liberty950199.99
arc de triomphe 3 d puzzle 3 dimensions difficult champs elysees jean chalgrin historic monument fra01117Arc de Triomphe65699.99
3d mini puzzle of an igloo eskimo, wrebbit puzz3d, 55 pieces, eskimoiglooMINI-116Igloo5599.99
tara 3-d puzzle gonewiththewind puzzleplex as seen on tv made usa certificate of collectibility auth05004Tara from Gone with the Wind50099.99
reichstag berlin building 3d puzzle by wrebbit germany puzz3d jigsaw puzzle rare69222728Reichstag, Berlin249199.99
3d puzzle, eiffel tower, 37 pieces, eiffeltower 3d puzzle, small easy puzzelCF044HEiffel Tower3729.99

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