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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale

Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
sanfrancisco bay goldengate bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle supertek showcase puzzles over 500pieces for all011399San Francisco Bay Golden Gate 53099.99
london tower bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, rare puzzle of bridgeCF066HLondon Tower Bridge12029.99
golden gate bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, puzz3d dimensionsCF078HGolden Gate Bridge2019.99
brooklyn bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle by daron, new york puzzle of bridgeCF107HBrooklyn Bridge6419.99
tower bridge london 3d jigsaw puzzle by ravensburger, puzzle of bridge125593Tower Bridge, London21699.99
japanese bridge 3d matchstick jigsaw puzzle by matchitecture, puzzle of japanbridgeMATCH6642Japanese Bridge50039.99
MATCH6624One Thousand & One Nights155069.99
3d puzzle based on charles wysocki paintings, rare birdie's perch coffee shop, wrebbit puzzleP3D-6501Birdie's Perch Coffee Shop22169.99
peppercricket farms 3d puzzle, rare puzzle, manufactured by wrebbit, charles wysockisP3D-6502Peppercricket Farms24799.99
rare tiffany lamp jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, 295 piecesP3D-7502Tiffany Lamp29599.99
Coca-Cola Vintage Toys Puzz3D collectibles series cocacola tincan collection of antique toys made by04101Coca-Cola Vintage Toys13799.99
125494American Style Sneaker10849.99
jukebox mini puzzle, wrebbit manufacturer fun small jigsaw puzzle for the family01237Jukebox7539.99
pre-cut paperboard jigsaw puzzle, music box 3d wrebbit puzz3d, 132 pieces angel music boxCBC-301Music Box13299.99
birdhouse tri-pack, 3d puzzle by wrebbit, birdhouse with sounds,  swiss hut, double decker, gazeboP3D-6505Birdhouse Tri-Pack254199.99
birdhouse puzzle, bird sounds birdhouse, puzz3d by wrebbit,P3D-6701Birdhouse with Sound Module22999.99
rain forest puzz3d, manufactured by wrebbit, world wild life foundation puzzleP3D-681Rain Forest10099.99
3d puzzle jukebox, rock-ola bubbler puzz3d, wrebbit rare puzzlesP3D-7011Jukebox36549.99
violin 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit violinP3D-7501The Violin350199.99
Puzz3D Woodpecker Haven 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle wrebit milton bradley hasbro working birdhouse e49153Woodpecker Haven23299.99
wrebbit three dimensional puzzles, cologne cathedral jigsaw puzzle, 704 pieces, puzz3d of cathedral,04539Cologne Cathedral704199.99
country church jigsaw 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 250 pieces, rare collector's puzz3dP3D-6007Country Church25499.99
makkah 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare wrebbit puzz3d holy haram holy mosqueP3D-807Makkah1038699.99
st-basil's cathedral 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare puzzle by wrebbit puzz3dP3D-809St-Basil's Cathedral708299.99
notre dame cathedral jigsaw puzzle, rare wrebbit puzz3d quasimodoP3D-810Notre Dame Cathedral952199.99

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