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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale

Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
thomaskinkade village series, all 6 kinkade 3d puzzles, wrebbitt puzz3d, kinkade village, 3d puzzles04901Thomas Kinkade Village Series21199.99
lamplight manor, 3d puzzle manufactured by, wrebbit puzz3d, thomas kinkadeP3D-4601Lamplight Manor25599.99
3d jigsaw puzzle garden, gated house puzz3d, manufactured by wrebbitP3D-4701Garden Beyond Spring Gate39299.99
a 3d jigsaw puzzle of a gazebo, art by thomas kinkade, lamplight bridgeP3D-4702Gazebo23199.99
thomas kinkade jigsaw 3d puzzle, home is where the heart is, a rare puzzle by wrebbitP3D-6402Home Is Where The Heart Is267199.99
3dpuzzle venice, puzzles by wrebbit, 3d jigsaw puzzles 1580 pieces superchallenging 3d puzzles, puzz04221Venice1580499.99
san francisco street scene 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3dimensional puzzle with 1512 pieces, frisco tramwa04222San Francisco1512299.99
street in venice, 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 191 pieces jigsaw puzzleP3D-401Street in Venice19199.99
street in belgium, puzz3d wrebbit 191 pieces, rare jigsaw puzzles, 3dP3D-402Street in Belgium19199.99
main street stockbridge at xmas, puzz3d wrebbit jigsaw puzzles, rare puzzle, norman rockwellP3D-403Mainstreet Stockbridge at Xmas17499.99
jigsaw puzzle of a fisherman harbor, fisherman\'s cove, rare puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-404Fisherman's Cove16999.99
street in san francisco, used jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit puzz 3d, san franciscoP3D-407Street in San Francisco18899.99
medieval village rothenburg 3d jigsaw puzzle, rare jigsaw puzzle bavarian alpsP3D-913Medieval Village Rothenburg740199.99
old mill at stony creek 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, olde bucks countyP3D-916Old Mill at Stony Creek745199.99
supertek 3d puzzle times square showcase puzzel over 500 pieces glows in the dark new york timessqua01999Times Square Showcase Puzzle55039.99
43 lord street puzz3d 3d puzle wrebitt 264 pieces easy levelP3D-610443 Lord Street26449.99
5main street puzz3d 3d puzle wrebitt 272 pieces easy level tradition collectionP3D-61035 Main Street27249.99
2 church street puzz3d 3d puzle wrebitt 254 pieces easy level tradition collectionP3D-61072 Church Street25449.99
victorian avenue rare 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzel made by wrebbit hasbro puzz-3d foam backed puzzleP3D-802Victorian Avenue1008299.99
W3D-0501Hotel Urbania29539.99
W3D-0502Cinema Urbania30039.99
W3D-0503Café Urbania28539.99
covered bridge, mini 3dpuzz, 66 pieces, jigsaw puzzlesMINI-114Covered Bridge6649.99
london bridge 3d matchstick jigsaw puzzle by matchitecture, puzzle of londonbridgeMATCH6631London Bridge500069.99
london tower bridge 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzzle of bridgeP3D-911London Tower Bridge819299.99

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