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Here is a list of 3D Vehicles available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
3d puzles, pirate ship puzzle, glow in the dark, bateau pirate, wrebbit 3dpuzzles, puzz3d, 358pieces04402Pirate Ship (Glow in the Dark)36099.99
3dpuzzle space shuttle atlantis, 1000 pieces rare puzzle, america's first space shuttle,04550Space Shuttle Atlantis1000499.99
ambulance police jeep fire truck jigsaw puzzle, all in one rescue vehicle 3d puzzles by wrebbit, 22604552Rescue Vehicles Tri-Pack22649.99
wrebbit puzz3d of three construction vehicles, dump truck crane bulldozer, 247 pieces for this rare04553Construction Vehicles Tri-Pack24799.99
3d jigsaw puzzles by wrebbitt of military vehicles, rocket launcher tank helicopter, 248 pieces04554Military Vehicles Tri-Pack24899.99
jigsaw puzzle of a motorbike, kawasaki ninja jigsaw puzzle 3d puzz3d, 313 pieces04661Kawasaki Ninja31399.99
3d creations puzzle of mercedes benz, cardboard 3d puzzle, wrebbit puzzCBC-203Mercedes Benz48599.99
rare harley davidson motorcycle 3d creations puzzle, 300 pieces, difficult, official licensed hd cycCBC-204Harley Davidson300199.99
a mini 3d jigsaw puzzle, fire truck, firemen, fire department puzzle, wrebbitMINI-120Fire Truck6819.99
a 3d jigsaw puzzle of a london bus, double decker bus jigsaw 3d puzzle, wrebbit puzz3dMINI-121Double Decker Bus7449.99
discovery space shuttle 3d wrebbit mini puzzle,puzz3d, jigsaw puzzMINI-123Discovery Space Shuttle6299.99
jigsaw puzzle, mini puzz3d ambulance, wrebbit jigsaw puzzle vehicles, rare puzzlesMINI-130Ambulance7429.99
tow truck jigsaw puzzle, 3d mini puzz3d, 82 pieces, 3dpuzzles, wrebbit, rare puzz miniMINI-131Tow Truck8299.99
submersbible jigsaw puzzle, submarine 3d mini puzz, wrebbit puzz3d rare jigsawMINI-133Submersible8129.99
a 3d mini puzzle, bulldozer jigsaw puzz3d, wrebbit, 76 piecesMINI-134Bulldozer7629.99
jeep 4x4 mini puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d jigsaw, flame jeepMINI-135Jeep 4x47269.99
tractor trailer jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit mini puzz3d, 69 piecesMINI-136Tractor Trailer6919.99
3d puzzle manufactured by wrebbit, snowmobile skidoo, 293 pieces puzzles p3d-409P3D-409Snowmobile Ski-Doo29349.99
3d puzzle all terrain vehicle, ATV puzz3d, difficult puzzle for adultsP3D-410ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)29039.99
3d puzzle of apollo 11, space shuttle wrebbit puzz3d, 336 piecesP3D-7012Apollo 1133699.99
double-decker london bus 3d puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3dP3D-NA7London Bus387199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks fire engine 3 dimensional fireengine model puzzle 1500 piecesMATCH6615Fire Engine150069.99
stealth fighter f117a 3d wrebbit mini puzzle,puzz3d, jigsaw puzz stealthfighterMINI-124Stealth Fighter F117A4319.99
3d puzzle, puzz3d metropolitan transportation authority subway car and bus, 36 pieces, 3d puzzle, smCF250HMTA Subway Car and Bus3619.99
fire truck modello puzzle, color and build your own fire truck by modello052453Fire Truck20029.99

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