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Here is a list of 3D Skyscrapers available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
puzz3d wrebbit cn tower, canadian landmark jigsaw puzzles, 3d puzles, 761pieces, 5 feet tall 3d puzz04625CN Tower76199.99
puzz3d sears tower, chicago skyscraper jigsaw puzzle, 3d wrebbitt puzzle sears tower, glow in the da04640Sears Tower (Glow in the Dark)53299.99
empire state building 3d puzzle, empirestatebuilding puzz3d skyscraper puzzles, wrebitt maker 3d jigP3D-902Empire State Building902199.99
glow in the dark skyscraper 3d puzzles, chrysler building puzzle, sears tower, empire state building04644SSkyscraper Series1818199.99
wrebitt threedimensional puzzles, skyscraper series chrysler building puzz3d, glow in the dark puzzl04645Chrysler (Glow in the Dark)333199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle, empire state building, glow in the dark puzzle, wrebit puzzle company, puzz3d, sky04641Empire State Building56999.99
citigroup center new york usa, 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3dimensional glow in the dakr puzzles, skyscrap04646Citigroup Center38499.99
puzz3d bank of china, wrebbit three-dimensional puzzles, central plaza jigsaw puzzle, 3d puzz, wrebi04652Bank of China486199.99
wrebbit 3d jigsaw puzzle burj al arab hotel, dubai puzzle, glow in the dark puzz 3d, 445 pieces, uni04654Burj Al Arab Hotel44599.99
taipei 101, taiwan skyscraper 3d puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d, glow in the dark puzzles, towers to scale p04655Taipei 101 (Glow in the Dark)586299.99
west coast tri 3d puzzles by wrebbit, us bank tower, sunamerica center, transamerica pyramid, jigsaw04656West Coast Trio627199.99
jigsaw puzzle wrebbitt 3d john hancock center, tribune tower, puzzles, 375 pieces, 31 inches high, 304657John Hancock Center37599.99
petronas towers jigsaw puzzle, 912 pieces difficult jigsaw puzzle, wrebbit puzz3d,04626Petronas Towers912199.99
empire state building mini puzzle, wrebbit 3d mini puzz,MINI-107Empire State Building4229.99
chrysler building 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, jigsaw puzzle featuring tall building, 3 feet tallP3D-920Chrysler Building763199.99
new york city 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, rare puzz3d of new yorkP3D-SP2New York, New York3141899.99
glow in the dark 3d jigsaw puzzle wrebbit skyscraper tower series glow in the dark set includes 2 bu01461Commerzbank Tower & Messeturm419199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle, empire state building, museum quality jigsaw puzzle, daron puzzle company, puzz3d,CF048HEmpire State Building5519.99
chrysler building 3d jigsaw puzzle by Daron, jigsaw puzzle featuring tall building, 2 feet tallCF075HChrysler Building7019.99
empire state building 3d jigsaw puzzle by ravensburger, 216 pieces, ages 10-99125531Empire State Building-New York21639.99
3d puzzle, willis tower formerly known as sears tower, 51 pieces, willistower 3d puzzle, small easy CF083HWillis Tower (A.K.A Sears Towe5129.99
empire state building 3d puzzle, united states jigsaw puzzle of empirestate bldg new york lighted wiCFL503HEmpire State Building LED3829.99
taipei taiwan 3d jigsaw puzzle by ravensburger, 216 pieces, ages 10-99125586Taipei 101 - Taiwan21639.99
puzz3d wrebbit cn tower, canadian landmark jigsaw puzzles, 3d puzles, 48 pieces 3d puzzleMC109HCN Tower4849.99
parliament buildings of canada 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle, ottawa, ontario, canadian landmark jigsaMC144HParliament Buildings of Canada16249.99

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