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Here is a list of 3D Monuments available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
eiffeltower match stick 3d jigsawpuzzle matchitecture bjtoys microbeams glue tweezers includedMATCH6611Eiffel Tower115049.99
tajmahal agra india 3d match sticks puzzle 7500 pieces very difficultMATCH6635Taj Mahal, India7500149.99
notre dame cathedral of Paris replica model made out of match sticks puzzle design very difficult fuMATCH6636Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral750099.99
3d puzzle of st.peter basilica rome, vatican jigsaw puzzles, wrebbit puzz3d, 966 pieces, large puzzl04545St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican966299.99
us capitol uscapitol building 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3 diemensional puzzles of us buildings, kigsaw p04543US Capitol764199.99
sydney opera house 3d jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, sydney opra house puzle, 1017 pieces, very difficult04551Sydney Opera House1017299.99
european landmarks tri-pack 3d jigsaw puzzles by wrebbit, puzz3d eiffel tower, big ben, leaning towe04556European Landmarks Tri-Pack15949.99
usa landmarks trip-pack, 3 in 1 jigsaw 3d puzzles, washington white house, golden gate bridge, empir04558USA Landmarks Tri-Pack25749.99
3d puzzle, eiffel towe, 350 pieces, eiffeltower 3d small easy puzzle04643Eiffel Tower30099.99
notre dame cathedral, 366 pieces, jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions by wrebbit puzz3d04649Notre Dame Cathedral36699.99
puzz3d of graceland, elvis presley wrebbit jigsaw puzzle 350 pieces09002Elvis Presley Graceland35099.99
opera house dresden, jigsaw puzzle by wrebbit, 3d puzz puzz3d406942Semperoper, Dresden282199.99
mini 3d puzzle of eiffel tower, rare jigsaw puzz, wrebbit mini puzzleMINI-102Eiffel Tower4349.99
tower of pisa, mini puzzle, puzz-3d, tour de pise, 64 pieces, rare puzzle wrebbitMINI-108Leaning Tower of Pisa6449.99
arc de triomphe jigsaw puzzle, 3d mini, puzz3d, wrebbit, rare puzzle 56 piecesMINI-111Arc de Triomphe4699.99
mini puzzle lighthouse puzz3d, wrebbit, 77 pieces jigsaw puzzleMINI-113Lighthouse7729.99
sphinx 3d puzzle, rare mini puzzles, wrebbit puzz3d sphinxMINI-125Sphinx6914.99
mini 3d puzzle, mayan temple, rare mini puzz3d puzzle, wrebbitMINI-126Mayan Temple6719.99
a 3d mini puzzle of a japanese pagoda, wrebbit puzz3d mini, 78 pieces, mini puzzMINI-127Japanese Pagoda7829.99
big ben rare mini puzzle, wrebbit, puzz3d big ben clockMINI-201Big Ben5229.99
3d mini puzzle, brandenburger tor, brandenburg gate, wrebbit puzz3dMINI-NA1Brandenburg Gate4929.99
rare puzzle great wall of china, greatwall china, wrebbit puzz3d, 191 pieces, easy puzzlesP3D-405Great Wall of China19199.99
3d jigsaw puzzle of montreal's city hall, puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-501Montreal City Hall17299.99
puzz3d of le chateau frontenac, quebec city jigsaw puzzlesP3D-502Chateau Frontenac21999.99
kinkaku-ji zen temple puzz3d, jigsaw puzzle of the famous golden temple, puzz3d by wrebbitP3D-7006Kinkaku-Ji (The Golden Temple)357299.99

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