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Biography of Charlie Laine

Charlie Laine Magazine Back IssueCharlie Laine is an American pornographic actress and adult model originally from Marion, Wisconsin.

Laine dropped out of high school at age 17. She started in the adult industry at age 18 on November 2002. She had moved to Florida and modeled there before moving back to Wisconsin. She posted a profile on a modeling website and an agent contacted her to offer magazine work with Hustler, Penthouse, and Cheri.

Although a natural brunette, in some of her work her hair is dyed red. She does not feel comfortable working with men. Even though she will only work with other girls, Laine has stated that she is bisexual. Her favourite women to work with are Renee Perez, Celeste Star, and Jenna Haze.

In 2005, she signed a 1-year non-exclusive contract with Metro Studios and Astrux Entertainment. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for February 2006.

In 2006, she appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

In 2007, Laine performed in some more mainstream productions. She was the co-host for the internet talk show Almost Live with Gary Garver. She also appeared in an episode of Fat Guy Nation produced by National Lampoon.com. Laine made her second appearance on the Howard Stern Radio Show and competed in the World's Strongest Naked Women Contest.

In 2009, Laine was hired as the host of the Pay Per View / In Demand series "Too Much For TV." She interviews people on the street about sex and coaxes them back to the studio.

Full name: Charlie Laine
Birthdate: January 31, 1984

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Charlie Laine Magazine Cover Appearances

Velvet August 2005
Charlie Laine & Kirsten Price magazine cover  Velvet August 2005
Velvet # 148 - June 2009
Charlie Laine magazine cover  Velvet # 148 - June 2009
Penthouse Letters June 2010
Charlie Laine magazine cover  Penthouse Letters June 2010
High Society May 2011
Charlie Laine & Celeste Star magazine cover  High Society May 2011
Gallery # 178, December 2011
Charlie Laine magazine cover  Gallery # 178, December 2011
Magazine Empire   Empire Magazine

Adult Mags   Magazine Back Copies

All of Charlie Laine Other Magazine Appearances

Cheri February 2006
Charlie Laine Cheri February 2006 magazine pictorial
Girls of Penthouse Sept/Oct 2006
Charlie Laine Girls of Penthouse Sept/Oct 2006 magazine pictorial
High Society December 2005
Charlie Laine High Society December 2005 magazine pictorial
Penthouse February 2006
Charlie Laine Penthouse February 2006 magazine pictorial
Lingerie # 107 Feb/March 2006
Charlie Laine Lingerie # 107 Feb/March 2006 magazine pictorial
Girls with Girls (2006)
Charlie Laine Girls with Girls (2006) magazine pictorial
Finally Legal October 2007
Charlie Laine Finally Legal October 2007 magazine pictorial
Hustler September 2003
Charlie Laine Hustler September 2003 magazine pictorial
Girls of Penthouse January/February 2008
Charlie Laine Girls of Penthouse January/February 2008 magazine pictorial
Hustler January 2008
Charlie Laine Hustler January 2008 magazine pictorial
Leg Action September 2007
Charlie Laine Leg Action September 2007 magazine pictorial
Hustler Canada January 2008
Charlie Laine Hustler Canada January 2008 magazine pictorial
Genesis # 150 - August 2009
Charlie Laine Genesis # 150 - August 2009 magazine pictorial
Penthouse November 2009
Charlie Laine Penthouse November 2009 magazine pictorial
Club November 2009
Charlie Laine Club November 2009 magazine pictorial
Genesis # 155 - March 2010
Charlie Laine Genesis # 155 - March 2010 magazine pictorial
Penthouse December 2010
Charlie Laine Penthouse December 2010 magazine pictorial
Club # 179, September 2011
Charlie Laine Club # 179, September 2011 magazine pictorial
Best of Club # 318
Charlie Laine Best of Club # 318 magazine pictorial
Best of Beaver Hunt # 105 - Young & Sexy
Charlie Laine Best of Beaver Hunt # 105 - Young & Sexy magazine pictorial
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