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Oui Magazine Back Issue - November 1996

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Oui Front Cover

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Oui November 1996 Magazine

UPC: 00928102408811
Volume 27 Issue # 11


26 Carnival Of The Flesh
Step inside the sex spurtting world of Nitro Productions hottest flick of the year!
by Liam Williams
40 Gennifer Flowers Uncensored
Sex, lies and audiotape. A OUI exclusive from the girl remembered by Clinton as a "casual acquantence"?
by Wendi Tush
54 From Little Rock With Lust
Wild Bill Clinton's dark side emerges just in time for the 1996 Presidential race!
70 The Drug Of Choice
Heroin invades the music industry!
by Mick Cobb
106 Over The Mountain
OUI takes a peek at the 1997 Jeep Wrangler, a combination of classic looks and modern technology!
by Steve Levine
11 San Francisco Lezzin'
Two hot young babes lick, suck and finger fuck!
31 Freda
Cute Nordic blonde lets you to taste her juicy pussy lips!
46 Midnight At The Oasis
Dirty dancers get kinky in the dressing room!
63 Malibu Mandy
Beach babe deep throats 'till the tide Gums in!
88 Lenora
Barely legal centerfold girl wants you to cum between her ass cheeks!
164 Rosalita
Ultra-sexy Brazilian bombshell gets it hot'n'nasty for you!
8 Moans And Groans
Gloria Leonard oozes with steamy girl talk when she answers your sex loaded questions!
18 Caught In The Act
Hot Hollywood gossip from Flo Anthony!
22 Movies OUI Love
OUI take a look at newest flicks that are about to hit your movie theater. This month: The People vs. Larry Flynt School High, Night Watch and Extreme Measures!
25 Heidi
A new column by Hollywood bad girl, Heidi Fleiss!
60 OUI Humor
Dirty jokes just in time for this year's election!
76 The XXX Files
The horniest interviews in print with the ultra-sexy girls in X-rated porn videos! This month OUI feature: Rebecca Wild
82 Video Pixxx
The hottest new adult videos reviewed for your home entertainment pleasure! This month: Comix, Illicit Entry, Stiff and Photo Play!
98 Sex Advice
"The Love Muscle", cum and cum again with out blowing your load. Hold back the spurt using the Kegal Technique!
104 OUI Events
Sin City throws the wildest XXX video party, and your invited!
116 Unexpected Emotions
Erotic fiction from America's new XXX writers!
176 Carnal Comics
The hottest XXX comic strip in America written by the porno industries sexiest deep throat babes!

OUI MAGAZINE welcomes you to our smashing November issue. We've got an election year coming up, and there's excitement in the air. You'd almost think the circus is in town! Conventions and election campaigns fill our television screens with earnest faces and hot air, as everyone accuses everyone else of incompetence and dishonesty. Well, who are OUI to judge?
OUI presents the darker side of the political life, in the form of a cut from Gennifer Flowers' new book, Sleeping With The President. Of course, he wasn't the president when she slept with him, but what the hell, Gov ... There's so much shit flying around, a little more can't hurt. Besides ... it's entertainment we're seeking to bring you, and that's what OUI does best! And you can't argue with a steamy photo shoot. Ms. Flowers looks downright hot on our glossy pages! Turn to page 40.
Hey, the November issue has more on Wild Bill Clinton and his massive sexual appetites. The dirt emerges, just in time for the presidential race. OUI's article, From Little Rock With Lust, presents a glimpse into our lustful leader's latest antics. Check page 54.
Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madame, has been given space on our glossy pages, to present her version of the Fast Lane. Check page 25.
The Rock and Roll Lifestyle and Heroin! Rockers have traditionally been into the powders, as a way of keeping the party going. Some, like Keith Richards, have indulged without ripping themselves to shreds. Others, like Kurt Cobain, have served only to illustrate how easy it is to cross the line between partying and dying. This in-depth report starts on page 70.
The XXX-Files! Get naughty with Rebecca Wild, who gives OUI a revealing and inspiring interview. What turns her on? What does she like to do most? How does she feel about fucking in front of the camera? Check page 76.
The 1997 Jeep Wrangler Road Report. If you're a traditionalist with a love for heavy duty four-wheel equipment and drop tops, the Wrangler should get your engine revving! Some changes have been made in this durable machine, but it's still the same old Jeep. Steve Levine takes you through the gears. Page 106.
Movies OUI love! A new department reviews current movies hitting the theaters. This month we look at: The People Vs. Larry Flynt, High School High, Extreme Measures, and Night Watch. Page 22.
Caught In The Act, with OUI's own Flo Anthony! This month's installment features Demi Moore, Julio Iglesias, Pamela Anderson Lee, Tory Spelling, Jean Claude Van Damme, Oprah Winfrey, Heather Locklear, Cher, Sandra Bullock, and more. OUI dish the Tinsel Town dirt on page 18.
And as ever ... the hottest and most beautiful girls the world has to offer, posed for your enjoyment on the pages of OUI MAGAZINE!
The Editors

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