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Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume Magazine Back Issue - Volume 11 - Number 3

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Celebrity Sleuth by Volume
Celebrity Sleuth by Volume   Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume Front Cover

Celebrity Sleuth Vol. 11 # 3 magazine back issue Celebrity Sleuth by Volume magizine back copy Accidental X-Posures,Stars' Barest Bloopers,Elle McPherson,Cindy Crawford, Naughty Nudes,faux pas

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Celebrity Sleuth Vol. 11 # 3 Magazine

UPC: 07480850063503
Volume 11 Issue # 3


HOT FLASHERS 4: "Let Us Go Fourth..."
4 Elle MacPherson
10 Farrah Fawcett
14 Alba Parietti
18 Paula Yates
20 Grace Jones
24 Courtney Love
28 Geri Halliwell
32 Yoko Ono
34 Shirley Bassey
36 Samantha Fox
40 Maria Whittaker
42 Linda Evangelista
46 Amber Valletta
48 Shalom Harlow
50 Eva Herzigova
54 Roshumba Williams
56 Rhonda Shear
58 Jerry Hall
60 Naomi Campbell
64 Brigitte Nielsen
66 Kari Wuhrer
68 Jill Goodacre
70Victoria Abril
74 Cindy Crawford
78 Emmanuelle Seigner
80 Elizabeth Hurley
86 Came Otis
90 Sharon Stone
94 Nadja Auermann

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"What is happening to couples lately?" a columnist for Britain's tony Taller recently approached. "Connubial bliss used to be a private matter: hugging and kissing went on behind closed doors. Canoodling in public, especially if you were already married, was considered vulgar and unnecessary. But over the past few years, public displays of affection have mushroomed. Coupledom has turned into a spectators port."
And who better to fan those "flames" than your ever-vigilante Sleuth—the American spectator who's not the least bit conservative when it comes to chronicling celebrity fallouts, boobs and blunders. Our fourth installment of the very popular "Hot Flashers" series begins with just the type of public spectacle that Tatlerwas tattling about: insatiable celebs acting out Nike's advice to "Just Do It!"
The very first of those letting nature take its (inter)course is elegant Elle Macpherson, who declares: "Believe you me, I'm pretty hard on myself most of the time {not to mention her rigid romeo, beginning next page}. I'm just accepting that beauty thing is a part of me {just as she's accepting his part beautifully!. I have to dea/with it myself everyday."
She also has to deal with prying photographers, waiting for just that moment when a celebrity skin•discretion can be candidly captured. Alas, now
• comes word of a productthat our Government should do everything in its power to ban: a scourge called "Body Glue," trumpeted as "the first ever roll-on adhesive that you apply to your skin to hold clothing and accessories in place." As advertised, this blight on humanity "goes on just like a stick deodorant and apparently keeps bras, swimsuits and spaghetti straps from slipping off your shoulders; prevents bikini bottoms and underwear from 'riding up'; and stops bustiers and strapless dresses from falling down." Do these people want to ruin us?
Body Glue is being manufactured by Beauti-Control Cosmetics of Dallas, Texas—which claims that the gel is safe and harmless {not to us, you dastardly devils!). Sleuth hereby implores all female stars to boycottthis dangerous product: Just think what could happen to your lover's lips when the clothes come off voluntarily? What's next, personal skin scramblers that de-focus flesh whenever it's exposed?!
Sentimental Sleuth longs for the days when service came with a smile, and new advances made capturing "Hot Flashers" more, not less, likely. As the patron said to the busty theater usherette moments before her straining strap broke: "I'll have two down in front, please..."
Camera Ready,

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