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Celebrity Skin Magazine Back Issue - Number # 90

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Celebrity Skin
Celebrity Skin   Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin Front Cover

Celebrity Skin # 90 magazine back issue Celebrity Skin magizine back copy celebrity skin magazine back issues no 90 2000 over 300 celeb photos xxx full frontals nip slips sex

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Celebrity Skin # 90 Magazine

UPC: 00928101179890
ISSN: 1075-0819
Volume 22 Issue # Number 90


4 Idol Rumors
6 Shannon Elizabeth
13 Bijou Phillips
8 Tara Reid
17 Christina Ricci
16 Denise Richards
11 Jessica Simpson
10 Britney Spears
14 Robin Tunney
12 Ivanka Trump
9 Natasha Gregson Wagner
15 Reese Witherspoon
22 Elizabeth Berkley
26 Heather Graham
29 Elizabeth Hurley
30 Angelina Jolie
32 Nicole Kidman
23 Courtney Love
27 Alyssa Milano
20 Kate Winslet
24 Kari Wuhrer
28 Catherine Zeta-Jones
46 Pamela Anderson
42 Maria Bello
38 Sandra Bullock
50 Cindy Crawford
55 Bridget Fonda
44 Salma Hayek
52 Natasha Henstridge
45 Milla Jovovich
39 Ashley Judd
48 Jennifer Lopez
40 Rose McGowan
54 Anne Parillaud
43 Rene Russo
51 Sharon Stone
36 Charlize Theron
63 Brigitte Bako
62 Sandra Bernhard
64 Beverly D'Angel
60 Ellen Degeneres
71 Richard Gere
69 Marta Kristen
68 Anne Lockhart
66 Jillian McWhirter
58 Heather Mills
67 Charlie Spradling
61 Lynn Whitfield
70 Bruce Willis
76 Drew Barrymore
78 Cameron Diaz
82 Farrah Fawcett
83 Cheryl Ladd
80 Lucy Liu
85 Tanya Roberts
84 Jaclyn Smith

The Skinny
Dear reader, you've been given your marching orders by none other than Jennifer Lopez, who is telling you to proceed in the standard Western left-to-right direction of the contents herein. Judging from the rather stern look on her face, she would be pretty pissed if she knew you were staring at her booty right now. We, on the other hand, completely understand.
Still, we must concur with the luscious Ms. Lopez that you must stop lollygagging and get right to the issue at hand—CELEBRITY SKIN #90, a.k.a. At Your Request: 300 Filthy Photos Of The Stars You Begged To See! Yes, it's that time of year when we throw open the gates of the asylum that is SKIN's headquarters and let you, the inmates, take over.
You told us what you wanted, and we're giving it to you. Your drool-stained missives (at least we hope it was drool) pleaded for Britnq Spears, and now that she's legal, we're delivering with the most revealing pics available of the sexy singing sensation. Britney's featured in our Sassy Celebutantes section, along with such scorching young hotties as Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Reese Witherspoon, Denise Richards, Bijou Phillips and Jessica Simpson.
Others among you clamored for celebs of a slightly more mature variety, and we came through in our Bare-Naked All-Stars section, boasting such frequently nude lovelies as Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Berkley, Courtney Love, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman.
Our overseas readers seemed to favor action films and the stars who shed their clothes in them. We answered those Letters From Abroad with sizzling pics of Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Pamela Anderson, Bridget Fonda and Natasha Henstridge.
We've also catered to some of our more, ahem, eclectic readers in our Unusual Requests section, featuring such offbeat choices as Ellen Degeneres, Heather Mills, Sandra Bernhard, Bruce Willis and Richard Gere (!?!?).
Finally, many of you asked to see how the stars of the new Charlie's Angels movie stack up against their 1970s TV counterparts. See for yourself, beginning on pg. 76. And keep those cards and letters coming!

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