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Stuff Magazine Back Issue - May 2002

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Stuff   Stuff


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Stuff # 30 May 2002 magazine back issue Stuff magizine back copy stuff for men magazine, back issues, hot sexy girl pictorials, articles for men, from maxim stuff ma

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Stuff # 30 May 2002 Magazine

UPC: 07447003775005
Volume 5 Issue # 5 Number 30


68 Cover Girl: Sofia Vergara
The sexy star of Big Trouble sets her eyes on a new target: you. Take your medication before viewing.
76 The 15-Minute Hall of Fame
What's Life like after fame revokes your backstage pass? Catch up with the likes of the Iron Sheik and Tina Yothers to find out.
80 Shake Hands with Pure Evil
Meet four men who came face-to-face with the most despicable people on earth: Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, a POW camp guard, a child killer and the terrorist accused of murdering journalist Daniel Pearl.
86 Don't Mock the Rock
WWF si.perstar the Rock grapples with our thought-provoking questions as he
prepares to Leap from the squared circle to the silver screen in The Scorpion King. (Now get a pen and circle all the wrestling terms in the previous sentence!)
92 Weber Grilled
Check out Amy Weber, the newest babe to land on the shore of FX's Son of the Beach. Please, ma, can we keep her?
100 Lies, All Lies!
"I'm secretly Asian"—and 169 fibs you can get away with. Honestly. Would we lie?
104 Head Games
Wearing a pig for a hat and other fashion faux pas.
106 Screw Everything
Exposed: sex freaks who'll stick their weenies into anything—from balloons to armpits to Delta Burke.

14 Dear Stuff
Readers' failed attempts to communicate via the English language.
20 True Lies
A woman defiles a Dumpster, and a p'arrot vomits. We're starting to sicken ourselves.
24 Filter
PETA sells out, Polish morticians work on the living and we do an edible-undie taste test. Yes, you did die and go to heaven!
42 Hype!
Donnie Darko, Hulk Hogan's favorite video games and an Album of the Month so bizarre, we thought twice about running it.
60 Greatest American Hero
Basketball legend Darryl Dawkins shattered backboards and melted our hearts.
62 A Guy and His Stuff
Spider-Man's Bruce Campbell lets us into his web. And a very weird web it is.
64 Lord of the Bar
Belly up to extreme tomfoolery!
66 Ask the Professor
Why dogs stick their heads out of moving cars and why you should care.
113 Instant Cool
Surfboards, golf gear and the brandspanking-new Range Rover. Well, it didn't really spank us. Can't
blame us for dreaming!
139 Sex Spy
Lingerie models reveal how to date women out of your league. Plus: more secrets from the women's bathroom.
147 Where to Buy
Where to buy things in this issue. Did we really need to explain that?
152 A Capricious Clown

123 Fashion News
Clothes that keep us warm and hide our shame.
127 Labels 101
Elementary lessons in getting dressed.
128 "Hole in One—Boo-Yah!"
SportCenter's Stuart Scott gets swanky on the links.
132 High Octane
Three models and a Rolls-Royce: Only one gets out alive.

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