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Panty Girls

Panty Girls Magazine Back Issue - October 1998

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Panty Girls
Panty Girls   Panty Girls

Panty Girls

Panty Girls Front Cover

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Panty Girls October 1998 Magazine

Volume 1 Issue # 2 Number 2


6 Kathy
16 Jyliet
26 Five to One
32 Tiffany Kreson
40 Helen
48 Bobbi
61 Sticky Undies Make Me Wet!
65 Nina
78 Jade
89 Chance Meeting

Editorial Note
Welcome! The second issue of Panty Girls is now in your hands. I pondered the significance of this second editorial. What, after all, is Panty Girl about? Just the name of the magazine conjures up images, thoughts, and even fantasies...
Sexy young women in and out of panties, that's what it's about. Panties up, panties down, panties at half-mast, no panties at all. When this magazine was first conceived, we saw it as an offshoot of Leg Tease. But, then we got to thinking. While it's true that most "leg lovers" love young girls in panties, so do almost every other red-blooded male.( Of course, we are using the term young girl to mean pretty things that have just turned 18, not twelve.). So, while there is enough photos of pretty legs topped off by sexy panties to please any leg man, there is also a wide variety of pictures that will please any man that loves young women.
Some of you will notice the absence of a letters column in this issue. The reason for this is simple. We never make letters up! Any letters printed in any magazine that bares the REV name, are truly sent in by our readers. Obviously, we could not have received any letters to be published in the first issue. And, while we have started receiving comments and letters generated from the premiere issue, they were received too late to be included in this issue. However, rest assured, that starting with the November issue, there will a letters column and it will be a hot one at that! But just because we are starting to receive mail, don't let that stop you from writing. Your letters, comments, and true experiences are still very much wanted. Just address your mail to me:
Kimberly Young
c/o REVINT N'L Inc.,
P.O. Box 34
Amityville, NY
In future issues, we would also love to include a "Home-Photo" section. Something similar to the popular "UpThe-Skirt" feature in Leg Tease. But here again, we need your help. Send your home photos to me at the address above. Be sure to include a signed statement from the person appearing in the pictures, giving us consent to publish.
Enough said about our plans for future issues. Now it's time to turn the page, and enjoy the stories and bevy of beauties that appear before you. After looking it over, I admonish you not to do anything I wouldn't do. But then again, that would leave open a whole lot of possibilities.

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