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Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume Magazine Back Issue - Volume 12 - Number 7

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Celebrity Sleuth by Volume
Celebrity Sleuth by Volume   Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume

Celebrity Sleuth by Volume Front Cover

Celebrity Sleuth Vol. 12 # 7 magazine back issue Celebrity Sleuth by Volume magizine back copy Jaime Pressley,Gwyneth Paltrow,Every Nude New,Early Risers,Christian Ricci,drew barrymore

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Celebrity Sleuth Vol. 12 # 7 Magazine

UPC: 07480850063507
Volume 12 Issue # 7 Number 95


The Top Maiden Forms
04 10. Ringmaster JAIME PRESSLY
08 09. Jerry MaguireRENEE ZELLWEGER
10 08. Wish You Were Here EMILY LLOYD
12 07. The Last Days of Disco CHLOE SEVIGNY
14 06. Supernova ROBIN TUNNEY
16 05. Rounders GRETCHEN MOL
18 04. Jawbreaker REBECCA GAYHEART
20 03. Broken English ALEKSANDRA VUJCIC
24 02 The Epitome of Sex Christina Ricci
28 01. From Brad to Bard Gwyneth Paltrow
32 From Brad to Barred ATHENA ROLANDO
34 Battery Charge BRITTANY ASHLAND
38 Blame It on Rio? LUCIANA MORAD
42 The Guess Girl of 1986 FREDERIQUE van der WAL
45 The Guess Girl of 1987 ESTELLE HALLYDAY
48 The Guess Girl of 1988 YASMIN LE BON
52 The Guess Girl of 1989 CARLA BRUNT
54 The Guess Girl of 1990 Claudia Schiffer
57 The Guess Girl of 1991 KAREN MULDER
60 The Guess Girl of 1992 Anna Nicole Smith
64 The Guess Girl of 1993 Drew Barrymore
66 The Guess Girl of 1994 BRIDGET HALL
68 The Guess Girl of 1995-99 LAETITIA CASTA
72 Another Jewel KRISTI STRAIN
76 What the Elle! MIMI MACPHERSON
80 Kate the Younger BETH WINSLET
82 Student Body MASON MARCONI
86 Baywatch NERIAH DAVIS
94 Austin Powers BARBARA MOORE

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"They just don't make ingénues like they used to," complained Allure magazine last year. "Ingenue is what she was once called, back when we were all a bit more ingenu, when Hot Young Things never went past lukewarm. Today's young things are white-hot, meaning white and hot, because these days we want our ingénues to be everything they once were and more, to exhibit their childlike innocence in a playfully slutty way, to be gold-hearted hookers and vestigial virgins, all sweetness and light bondage. Which may be why we go through them so fast."
We've gone through nearly FIVE HUNDRED of them in our dozen volumes of "Ingenudes" to date—an annual event that's always among our year's most popular issues! "It's sort of weird," relates ravishing ROBIN TUNNEY, one of "Sleuth's Top Ten" rising starlets, "that all the older actresses I like were never great ingénues. They all kind of came into their own" four Tunney honey comes into her own layout on page 14). Asked if she considers herself "part of young Hollywood:: Robin replies, "They say I am in magazines...and if it's in a magazine, it's true."
No magazine bares the naked truth like SLEUTH...even in this age of political correctness and religious righteousness. As Movieline moans, "Take a peek at Sin as the millennium nears its climax: a downsized James Bond get less than the average ninth grader at a school with Saint in its name! Sex is no longer fun, no longer spontaneous, not even entirely necessary" {yikes, Sleuth fears, will cloning replace 'boning'?). Hot sex, Movieline maintains, is only okay these days, . 'as long as it's not with someone nice like RENEE ZELLWEGER (who's nice enough to grace pages 8-9). Most of the time filmmakers get it wrong and end up conniving odd stand-ins for sexual situations"—the cinematic equivalent of close, but cigar—"or senselessly dodging sex altogether. Just what purpose did *waft jour GRETCHEN MOL serve in Rounders?" {she purposely rounds outthe midpoint of our "Top Ten" on p. 16}.
"Let's face it," one fashion folio found, "MODELS are the celebrities of the '90s"...so we've dedicated an entire section to the uncover gals who first found
lame as Guess? Girls for the juvenile jeans company. The first fox featured, FREDERIQUE van der WAL (p. 42}, was described as "not a flat clothes rack" by Elite Agency head John Casablancas when she won his Look of the Year beauty contest in 1985. In the wake of Vanessa Williams' resignation just before, Casablancas said cd fiederigue: "If a girl has done a nude shot for a test it won't destroy her career. These are all schoolgirls, young kids, who don't have that kind of past beniedibem Most of these girls came to us without any pictures at all, nude or clothed." As our section says, "Guess? Again!"
"If you have a look at a lot of celebrity women," concludes model Elle's "Kid Sister" MIMI MACPHERSON fp. 76), "they're not all taken (despite our 500 fledging iods1 There's plenty of them out there who are available, and I'm not surprised." Though they might be...at some of the shots we've had taken!
Still Young at Art,

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