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Mayfair Magazine Back Issue - Volume 34 - Number 10

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Magazine Mayfair Vol. 34 # 10

Front Cover
Mayfair Vol. 34 # 10 magazine back issue Mayfair magizine back copy mayfair magazine uk xxx pics all naughty babes explicit horny erotic pixx dirty pussy photos lesbos
Mayfair Vol. 34 # 10 Magazine
UPC: 00928103896201 | ISSN: 0025-6161
Volume 34 Issue # 10


4 Mayfair Male
Mags like us are known for two things - printing pictures of naked women and pages of saucy letters like in this rude collection.
30 Extreme Sports
We go to a lot of trouble to bring you the latest sports. However, sometimes we can't be bothered and just stick in stuff like this.
52 Scene From Mayfair
There's so much news out there. So, so much. So let Scene digest the lot and see what comes out the other end.
60 Celebrity Sizzlers
This ish, lush celebrity totty Jennifer Ehle, Linnea Quigley and Natasha Henstridge pull their pants down and take off their bras! Fucking hell!
62 Decades of Decadence
Very much like a steam train with a vagina, Mayfair has been around for years. Look at as us then. Now.
90 Quest
Going on holiday gives you the chance to get away from it all, and maybe climb on top of a lady!
5 Kitty
13 Annie
23 Henrietta
31 Four Girl Fun!
43 Vron & Ali
53 Melissa
63 Jane
94 Natasha
12 Candid Cameron!
Cameron Diaz went on holiday recently and decided to go topless on the beach. But who should be there but a photographer with a zoom lens! Hurrah!
20 Under Water Babes!
Girls look great whatever the weather, in fact they even look great swimming underwater in the nude! Photographer David Ross sent in these unique pictures of girls getting wet, the likes of which we've never seen before!
40 Porn in The UK!
Rutt by name, charming old man who makes a living screwing hot, shagtastic girls by nature. Yes, Mike Rutt leads us into the world of the pornographer, revealing his methods, opinions and some sexy pictures!

So you think your dream job would involve being in the same room as four stunning, naked girls, taking photos of them and asking them to do all sorts of rude stuff to each other? Well it's not a dream job at all. It can be a technical nightmare directing so many bodies. Keeping track of whose fanny is whose, which hand is going on which breast and which girl is licking which bit of another girl ain't easy. And how about having to endlessly put up with the likes of Kitty or Jane, or Annie, or Henrietta or the buxom Nat a, a host of gorgeous-girls who are willing-to do just about anything? Worse still, how on earth do you handle a shoot in which the glam-queen herself, Veronica has on-camera sex with another woman for the very first time? You see, it can be a tricky job at times and no mistake.
You're right. We'll shut up.


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