You've just found WonderClub's 1-Stop Kite Shop, the best online source to buy kites. Our online only kite store located in California (we do not have a brick and mortar store) carries hundreds of kites, including dual line and quad line stunt kites, sport kites - both framed and frameless, single line kites including dragon kites, box kites and all the kite string and kite accessories that can be easily ordered online or by phone. Our awesome kite selection includes beginner kites such as single line diamond kites and delta kites to dual and quad line parafoil and stunt kites, including powerful traction kites for kiteboarding, snowboarding or getting pulled along on rollerblades.
  • In the Breeze Butterfly Diamond Kite, 30-Inch
    The 30-inch Butterfly Diamond Kite is a classic design. It is easy to fly and the detailed theme graphic looks great in the sky. It comes with (2) 12-feet tails in coordinating c...
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  • Premier Designs Large Power Sled - Rb Illusion
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  • HQ Kites Eddy Rainbow 28" Diamond Kite
    A ready to fly Ecoline Eddy Rainbow Kite from HQ Kites......
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  • HQ Rokkakus Kite (Soluna)
    39x47in. (4-24 mph) Includes line and winder - Ready to fly!......
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  • SkyBox Poly Winged Box Kite: Disney/Pixar Cars
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  • X-Kites Super Sled Nylon Kite - Flag
    Ready to fly - No assembly - Handle & line included Wind range : 5 to 15 MPH Skytails included 18 inches tall - Made of durable nylon For ages 5 & up......
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  • Premier 17269 Mini Diamond Kite with Fiberglass Frame, Patriotic
    This mini diamond kite is one of the most popular kites. Made of ripstop nylon and framed with indestructible fiberglass. It is durable and easy to fly. Flies in the slightest b...
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  • In the Breeze Tie Dye Diamond Kite, 30-Inch
    The 30-inch Tie Dye Diamond Kite is a classic design. It is easy to fly and the detailed graphic looks great in the sky. It comes with (3) 12-feet tails in coordinating colors. ....
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  • Skyfoil™ Frameless Parafoil Kite: Rainbow by X-Kites
    The Skyfoil is frameless, lightweight and ready to flying without assembly. Just add wind and you are ready to fly and soar the afternoon away! After your day of playing in the wi...
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  • Into The Wind Raspberry Classic Hata Diamond Kite Made in the USA
    The Hata is always fun to fly. Our staff recommends the Hata more than any other kite, because it flies for everyone in winds from 4 to 40 mph. Remove the 12 ft. nylon tail and ...
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  • Kite - Box 18'' x 36
    This traditional box kite is sure to catch the eye of everyone in the area where it is flying. Size is 15 x 36 inches or 38 x 91 cm; wind range is 7 to 20 mph; nylon fabric; hardw...
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  • Into The Wind Cool Tumbling Star Box Kite
    Acrobatic star is perfect for playful kitefliers. A steady flier in steady winds, the Tumbling Star dances and spins when you slacken the line. Tighten the line to make it catch ...
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