You've just found WonderClub's 1-Stop Kite Shop, the best online source to buy kites. Our online only kite store located in California (we do not have a brick and mortar store) carries hundreds of kites, including dual line and quad line stunt kites, sport kites - both framed and frameless, single line kites including dragon kites, box kites and all the kite string and kite accessories that can be easily ordered online or by phone. Our awesome kite selection includes beginner kites such as single line diamond kites and delta kites to dual and quad line parafoil and stunt kites, including powerful traction kites for kiteboarding, snowboarding or getting pulled along on rollerblades.
  • Premier 45973 5-Sided Polygonal Penta Kite with Solid Fiberglass Frame, Bingo
    This penta kite will fly easily. Made of ripstop nylon fabricand framed with fiberglass. This is five-sided polygonal kite, five points gives ample opportunity for head, two hand...
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  • Into The Wind Parafoil 5 Kite
    The best parafoil in the sky. The taller airfoil and cross-vented cells allow it to fly at higher angles in a wide range of winds. Made of lightweight ripstop nylon, it incorpora...
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  • HQ Kites Eddy Solid 28" Diamond Kite, Yellow
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  • In the Breeze Pouch Parafoil Kite
    The Pouch Parafoil Kite is fun to fly. It packs easily in its fabric pouch with drawstring toggle. 30lb by 130-feet kite line and handle with attached snap swivel is included. A...
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  • Mega Penta Show Kite
    Over 9 feet across, this high angle flyer pulls like a sky hook in a good wind. Impressively huge on the ground, this Hespeler Brothers design is bold enough to not get lost in th...
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  • In the Breeze Red Diamond Kite, 30-Inch
    The 30-inch Red Diamond Kite is a classic design. It's Bold bright color looks great in the sky. It comes with 3 red 12-feet tails. ......
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  • Traditional Box Kite, 20" x 40"
    True classics never go out of style and few designs have withstood the test of time like traditional Box and Cellular kites. For simplicity and elegance, nothing beats them! 20" x...
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  • In the Breeze Panda Diamond Kite, 28-Inch
    The 28-inch Panda Diamond Kite has a detailed applique graphic. The pattern is applied with sewing and then the back is cut away for a stained glass effect. The stunning effect o...
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  • In the Breeze Blue Diamond Kite, 30-Inch
    The 30-inch Blue Diamond Kite is a classic design. It's Bold bright color looks great in the sky. It comes with 3 blue 12-feet tails. ......
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  • Prism Stowaway Parafoil Kite, Ice
    The Stowaway Parafoil is a high-flying, indestructible soft kite with a spectacular, 20-foot flowing tail that’s visible a mile away. It combines the ease of an all-cloth parafo...
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  • Parafoil 5, Tie Dye, 20" x 32"
    The little parafoil that could. The Parafoil 5 is the perfect kite for anyone interested in a small kite that will go anywhere and do anything! Made of ripstop nylon. 6" drogue t...
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  • Parafoil 2, Tie Dye, 13" x 21"
    Larger in size at 20 x 32 inches and our most popular Parafoil that includes a nylon carrying case! Packaged with line, tail and winder in a compact nylon case. So complete that i...
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