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The Pearl of Love, Or, Josey's Gift book written by Leslie, Madeline 
In the Levant book written by Warner, Charles Dudley 
In Memoriam: Walter Ewen Townsend, Born at Yokohama, Japan, 1879, Died There, 1900 book written by Townsend, Walter Ewen 
In Northern India; A Story of Mission Work in Zenanas, Hospitals, Schools and Villages book written by Cavalier, A. R. 
In Memoriam, James Overton Broadhead, Died August 7, 1898 book written by Bar Association of St Louis 
In Praise of Leaves, and Other Verse book written by Dreyfus, Lilian Gertrude Shuman 
International Bimetallic Conference. ..., London. May 2nd and 3rd, 1894. ... . Report of Proceedings book written by International Bimetallic Conference (189 
Rules of Equity Practice Adopted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, May 27th, 1865: With the Report of the Commissioners book written by Pennsylvania Supreme Court 
[Works] book written by Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich , Wiener, Leo 
The Archaeological Journal book written by British Archaeological Association 
How We Made Rhodesia book written by Leonard, Arthur Glyn 
History of America Before Columbus, According to Documents and Approved Authors book written by De Roo, Peter 
The Re-Making of China book written by Waley, Adolf S. 
Reliable Information book written by Co, Schneider &. Trenkamp 
Reading-Literature book written by Treadwell, Harriette Taylor , Free, Margaret , Richardson, Frederick 
Reminiscences and Proceedings book written by Nebraska Territorial Pioneer's Associati 
The Remedy for Unemployment book written by Wallace, Alfred Russel 
Laws of the State of New York Relating to the Asssessment and Collection of Taxes: Including the Statutes of 1880; Containing the Laws Relating to Tre book written by Saxton, William W. 
Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency book written by Campbell, James Macnabb , Enthoven, R. E. 1869 
The Book of Wonderful Characters: Memoirs and Anecdotes of Remarkable and Eccentric Persons in All Ages and Countries book written by Wilson, Henry 
Steps in the Development of American Democracy book written by McLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham 
The Bazar Book of Decorum. the Care of the Person, Manners, Etiquette and Ceremonials .. book written by Tomes, Robert 
Plays book written by Jonson, Ben 
A Beautiful Bird Without a Name, Or, a True Kentucky Girl book written by Peterson, Belle 
Citizenship Syllabus: A Course of Study and Syllabus in Civic Training and Naturalization for Adult Immigrants in Evening Schools book written by Committee for Immigrants in America Res 
The Department of Justice: Its History and Functions book written by Easby-Smith, James S. 1870 
Negro Suffrage and Congressional Representation book written by Hamilton, James Albert 
Letters of David Ricardo to Hutches Trower and Others, 1811-1823 book written by Ricardo, David , Bonar, James , Hollander, Jacob Harry 
Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence book written by Sanderson, John , Waln, Robert , Gilpin, Henry Dilworth 1801-1860 [From 
The Mortgage on the Hip-Roof House (1896) book written by Tourgee, Albion Winegar 
The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Scriptures (1904) book written by Burrell, David James 
Three Boys on an Electrical Boat (1894) book written by Trowbridge, John 
Tales for a Bible Class of Girls (1875) book written by Heygate, William Edward 
The Illusion: Dansons La Trompeuse (1922) book written by Escholier, Raymond 
The Revival and Its Lessons: A Collection of Fugitive Papers, Having Reference to the Great Awakening, 1858 (1858) book written by Alexander, James Waddel 
The Rhymes and Rhapsodies of Oliver Grey (1898) book written by Grey, Oliver 
Two Years Behind the Plough: Or the Experience of a Pennsylvania Farm Boy (1878) book written by Wright, Caleb Earl 
Roman Days [Comprising  
Caspar Brooke's Daughter. book written by Emily Frances Adeline Sergeant , Sergeant, Emily Frances Adeline 
Notes of Eastern Travel: Being Selections from the Diary of a Lady. book written by Anonymous 
Things as They Are; Or, Notes of a Traveller Through Some of the Middle and Northern States [Of America]. book written by Anonymous 
The Last Days of Alexander, and the First Days of Nicholas (Emperors of Russia). book written by Robert F.R.S. Lee , Lee, Robert F. R. S. 
Views of Society and Manners in America; In a Series of Letters from That Country to a Friend in England, During the Years 1818, 1819, and 1820. by an book written by Frances D'Arusmont Wright , Wright, Frances D. 
A   Voyage to the Eastern Part of Terra Firma, or the Spanish Main, in South America ... with a Large Map of the Country, Etc. Translated by an Americ book written by Francois Raimond Joseph de Pons, Samuel Latham Mitchill , Pons, Franc Ois Raimond Joseph De , Mitchill, Samuel Latham 
A Private Journal Kept During the Niger Expedition from ... May, 1841, Until ... June, 1842. book written by William Simpson , Simpson, William 
The Desert World. from the French of A. M. Edited and Enlarged by the Translator of the Bird, by Michelet [W. H. D. Adams]. with ... Illustrations by book written by Arthur Mangin, W. H. Davenport Adams, William Henry Freeman , Mangin, Arthur , Adams, W. H. Davenport , Freeman, William Henry 
The Origin of the North American Indians; With a Faithful Description of Their Manners, Etc. book written by John Macintosh , MacIntosh, John 
Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency. [Edited by Sir James M. Campbell. General Index, by R. E. Enthoven.] book written by James M. Campbell , Campbell, James M. 
The Life of Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart. ... Now First Published from an Original Ms. by the REV. Gilbert Burton. book written by Philip Musgrave, Gilbert Burton , Musgrave, Philip , Burton, Gilbert 
An  Address to the Inhabitants of St. James's Westminster, on Certain Local Circumstances Affecting the Health of Rich and Poor. by a Retired Churchwa book written by Anonymous 
The Early Days of the Human Race. book written by Thomas Frederick Isaacson Blaker , Blaker, Thomas Frederick Isaacson 
The Carlisle Tracts. book written by Anonymous 
The Countries of the World: Being a Popular Description of the Various Continents, Islands, Rivers, Seas, and Peoples of the Globe. [With Plates.] book written by Robert Brown , Brown, Robert 
Wait a Year.. book written by Harriette Bowra , Bowra, Harriette 
Observations in the East, Chiefly in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor. book written by John Price Durbin , Durbin, John Price 
A Modern Brigand. by the Author of 'Miss Bayle's Romance' [I.E. William Fraser Rae]. book written by Anonymous, William Fraser Rae , Anonymous , Rae, W. Fraser 
The Jenolian Caves and the Blue Mountains. by Argus. book written by Anonymous 
Neilgherry Letters. book written by Francis Ford , Ford, Francis 
The British Columbia Pilot, Including the Coast of British Columbia, from Juan de Fuca Strait to Portland Canal, Together with Vancouver and Queen Cha book written by Anonymous, Frederick William Jarrad, William Henry Sharp , Anonymous , Jarrad, Frederick William , Sharp, William Henry 
Preface to the German Translation of Australia Felix. book written by William Westgarth , Westgarth, William 
Bonnie Kate: A Story from a Woman's Point of View. book written by De Courcy Laffan , Laffan, De Courcy 
Seven-Stones Light-Ship. Correspondence Between Captain F. Arrow ... and Mr. Augustus Smith. book written by Frederick Sir. Arrow, Augustus John Smith , Arrow, Frederick Sir , Smith, Augustus John 
A Narrative of Voyages and Commercial Enterprises. book written by Richard J. Cleveland , Cleveland, Richard J. 
Life in the Wilderness; Or Wanderings in South Africa. book written by Henry Hoare Methuen , Methuen, Henry Hoare 
A Geographical and Historical View of the World: Exhibiting a Complete Delineation of the Natural and Artificial Features of Each Country, Etc. book written by John Bigland , Bigland, John 
Marriage Up to Date. book written by Albert Kevill Davies , Davies, Albert Kevill 
Lady Hazleton's Confession. book written by Lily Spender , Spender, Lily 
Marriage Up to Date. book written by Albert Kevill Davies , Davies, Albert Kevill 
Egypt Under Mehemet Ali; Translated from the German, by H. E. Lloyd. book written by Hermann Ludwig Heinrich Pueckler-Muskau , Pueckler-Muskau, Hermann Ludwig Heinrich 
Prisoners and Captives. book written by Henry Seton Merriman , Merriman, Henry Seton 
An American Widow. book written by Albert Kevill Davies , Davies, Albert Kevill 
An American Widow. book written by Albert Kevill Davies , Davies, Albert Kevill 
Prisoners and Captives. book written by Henry Seton Merriman , Merriman, Henry Seton 
Miscellaneous Notices Relating to China, and Our Commercial Intercourse with That Country; Including a Few Translations from the Chinese Language. book written by George Thomas Staunton , Staunton, George Thomas 
Notes of a Two Years Residence in Italy. book written by Hamilton Geale , Geale, Hamilton 
The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. Dido. ... Second Edition. book written by Henry Keppel , Keppel, Henry 
A Class-Book of Physical Geography ... New and Improved Edition, Revised by J. Francon Williams. book written by William Hughes, John Francon Williams , Hughes, William , Williams, John Francon 
Ethnology; Or, the History and Genealogy of the Human Race. book written by John Thomas Painter , Painter, John Thomas 
Cross-Roads. book written by Maria Henrietta de la Cherois Crommelin , Crommelin, Maria Henrietta De La Cherois 
The Wilderness and Its Tenants: A Series of Geographical and Other Essays Illustrative of Life in a Wild Country, Etc. book written by John Traveller Madden , Madden, John Traveller 
An Endeavour to Classify the Sepulchral Remains in Northamptonshire; Or, a Discourse on Funeral Monuments, in That Country, Etc. book written by Charles Henry Hartshorne , Hartshorne, Charles Henry 
South Atlantic Directory. the Physical Geography and Meteorology of the South Atlantic, Together with Sailing Directions ... New and Enlarged Edition. book written by William Henry Rosser , Rosser, William Henry 
Globe-Trotting. book written by Auguste Jourdier , Jourdier, Auguste 
The Mines of Wicklow. book written by Anonymous 
Notes on Miners' Schools and Mining Academies. book written by Warington Wilkinson Smyth , Smyth, Warington Wilkinson 
Birmingham Accountants Students' Society. Collieries. a Paper Read ... 1888, Etc. book written by Gerard Van de Linde , Van De Linde, Ge Rard 
Explosions in Coal Mines. [With Nine Plans.] book written by John Higson , Higson, John 
A Short Sketch of the African Diamond Mines. with Tables for Calculating the Prices of Precious Stones, Etc. book written by Anonymous 
Peat Coal Versus Pit Coal. book written by Robert Alloway , Alloway, Robert 
Tracks in Norway of Four Pairs of Feet. Delineated by Four Hands, with Notes on the Handiwork of Each by the Others. [Compiled by W. H. MacNamara.] book written by Walter Henry Macnamara , MacNamara, Walter Henry 
Sweet and Twenty. book written by Edward James Mortimer Collins , Collins, Edward James Mortimer 
In the West Countrie. book written by Maria Henrietta de la Cherois Crommelin , Crommelin, Maria Henrietta De La Cherois 
Notes on British Guiana and Its Gold Industry. with Maps. Second Edition ... Enlarged. book written by H. J. Perkins , Perkins, H. J. 
Picturesque Excursions from Bridlington-Quay; Being a Descriptive Guide to the Most Interesting Scenery in That Neighbourhood. Second Edition. book written by Anonymous 
An Account of the Estates, Trust, and Other Property, Belonging to the Parish of St. Giles, Camberwell. book written by Anonymous 
Letter to Dawson Turner Esq., on Norwich and the Venta Icenorum. book written by Hudson Gurney , Gurney, Hudson 
Lover or Friend?. book written by Rosa Nouchette Carey , Carey, Rosa Nouchette 
Banwell Cottage, Somersetshire, the Seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. with a Plate [By John Buckler. Extracted from the Gentleman's Magazine, Nove book written by Anonymous 
Cross-Roads. book written by Maria Henrietta de la Cherois Crommelin , Crommelin, Maria Henrietta De La Cherois 
The Wrong That Was Done. book written by Frederick William Robinson , Robinson, Frederick William 
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