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The Diverting Adventures of Maurin book written by Aicard, Jean , Allinson, A. R. 
A Diversity of Creatures book written by Kipling, Rudyard 
The Democratic Party of the State of New York: A History of the Origin, Growth, and Achievements of the Democratic Party of the State of New York, Inc book written by McGuire, James K. , Littleton, Martin W. 1872 
A   Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, Including the Isle of Man: Comprising an Account of Their Geological Structure; With Remarks on Th book written by MacCulloch, John 
The Drama; Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization book written by Anonymous 
The Diseases of Live Stock and Their Most Efficient Remedies: Including Horses, Cattle, Cows, Sheep, Swine, Fowls, Dogs, Etc. ... by William B. E. Mil book written by Miller, William B. E. , Tellor, Lloyd 
The Dramatick Works of Beaumont and Fletcher: Collated with All the Former Editions, and Corrected: With Notes Critical and Explanatory, by Various Co book written by Beaumont, Francis , Fletcher, John , Malet, Edward Baldwin 
Divine Science: New Light Upon Old Truths, to All Who Seek More Light book written by James, Fannie Brooks 
The Development of Freedom of the Press in Massachusetts book written by Duniway, Clyde Augustus 
Die Grossen Kirchenversammlungen Des 15ten Und 16ten Jahrhunderts: In Beziehung Auf Kirchenverbesserung Geschichtlich Und Kritisch Dargestellt, Mit Ei book written by Wessenberg, Jh Von 
Dicken's Works book written by Dickens, Charles 
The Drama of the Spiritual Life; A Study of Religious Experience and Ideals book written by Sears, Annie Lyman 
A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present Time book written by Sabin, Joseph , Eames, Wilberforce , Vail, R. W. G. 1890 
Textile Calculations: A Complete Guide to All Calculations Relating to the Construction of All Kinds of Yarns and Fabrics, the Analysis of C book written by Posselt, E. A. 1858 
The Tendency Towards Industrial Combination; A Study of the Modern Movement Towards Industrial Combination in Some Spheres of British Industry; Its Fo book written by Carter, George Reginald 
Dicken's Works book written by Dickens, Charles 
A Dictionary of English Etymology book written by Wedgwood, Hensleigh , Atkinson, J. C. 1814 
Doctrine and Development: University Sermons book written by Rashdall, Hastings 
Devereux: A Tale book written by Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton 
The Early Christians in Rome book written by Spence-Jones, H. D. M. 1836 
The First Three Years of Childhood book written by Perez, Bernard , Christie, Alice M. 
The Catholic Encyclopedia and Its Makers book written by Anonymous 
The Principal Objections Against the Doctrine of the Trinity, and a Portion of the Evidence on Which That Doctrine Is Received by the Catholic Church, book written by Vogan, Thomas S. L. 1800 
The Doctrine of Justification by Faith, Through the Imputation of the Righteousness of Christ: Explained, Confirmed, and Vindicated book written by Owen, John 
A Ward of the Golden Gate book written by Harte, Bret 
The War for Monarchy, 1793-1815 book written by Farrer, James Anson 
Walt Whitman book written by Perry, Bliss 
The War from This Side; Editorials from the North American, Philadelphia book written by Anonymous 
Proceedings book written by New Jersey Historical Society, Jersey Historical Society , New Jersey Historical Society 
Works book written by Warburton, William 
Walter Goring, a Story book written by Thomas, Annie 
V. V.'s Eyes book written by Harrison, Henry Sydnor 
Walter Reed and Yellow Fever book written by Kelly, Howard A. 1858-1943 
Warner's Chase: Or, the Gentle Heart book written by Swan, Annie S. 
What Became of the Bones of St. Thomas? a Contribution to His Fifteenth Jubilee book written by Mason, Arthur James 
Very Far West Indeed: A Few Rough Experiences on the North-West Pacific Coast book written by Johnson, R. Byron 
The Unknown Steersman book written by Burn, Irene 
An  Introduction to the New Testament: Containing an Examination of the Most Important Questions Relating to the Authority, Interpretation, and Integr book written by Davidson, Samuel 
I Piagnoni E Gli Arrabbiati Al Tempo Di Fra Girolamo Savonarola. Vol. Unico book written by Revere, Giuseppe 
Java, the Garden of the East book written by Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah 
Knowing about the Old Testament: A Study Notebook on the Old Testament for Students in High School book written by Robinson, Miriam A. 
Judgments in Vacation book written by Parry, Edward Abbott 
Life, Journals and Correspondence of REV. Manasseh Cutler, LL. D book written by Cutler, William Parker , Cutler, Julia Perkins , Dawes, E. C. B. 1840 
Instructions to Field Parties book written by United States Bureau of Soils 
Latin American Secondary Schools; Courses of Study .. book written by Torres, Arturo 
Sketches of Public Characters Drawn from the Living and the Dead: With Notices of Other Matters book written by Robertson, Ignatius Loyola 
Six Years in the Monasteries of Italy, and Two Years in the Islands of the Mediterranean and in Asia Minor: Containing a View of the Manners and Custo book written by Mahoney, S. 
Sixty Years' Gleanings from Life's Harvest. a Genuine Autobiography book written by John Brown (of Wamphray), Brown (Of Wamphray) 
The Silent Battle book written by Williamson, A. M. 1869 
The Silverado Squatters book written by Stevenson, Robert Louis 
Sketches Chiefly Relating to the History, Religion, Learning, and Manners, of the Hindoos. with a Concise Account of the Present State of the Native P book written by Craufurd, Q. 1743 
Sixty Years in Colorado; Reminiscences and Reflections of a Pioneer of 1860 book written by Stanton, Irving Wallace 
The Slovaks of Hungary, Slavs and Panslavism book written by Capek, Thomas 
Sketch of the History of Attleborough: From Its Settlement to the Present Time book written by Daggett, John 
Russkoe Gosudarstvo V Polovinie XVII Vieka Rukopis Vremen Tsaria Aleksieia Mikhailovicha book written by Krizanic, Juraj , Bezsonov, P. 
Sociology book written by Gillette, John M. 1866 
Underwoods book written by Stevenson, Robert Louis 
Stanzas on the Death of Oliver Cromwell; Astraea Redux; Annus Mirabilis; Absalom and Achitohel; Religio Laici; The Hind and the Panther book written by Dryden, John 
The Story of America Sketched in Sonnets book written by Frank, Henry 
The Story of a Child book written by Deland, Margaret Wade Campbell 
The State: The Rudiments of New Zealand Sociology for the Use of Beginners book written by Pope, James H. 
Some Eminent Victorians: Personal Recollections in the World of Art and Letters; book written by Carr, J. Comyns 1849 
A Study of the Effects of Freezes on Citrus in California book written by Webber, Herbert John 
Sermons Preached on Several Subjects and Occasions book written by Craig, James 
Specimens of the Later English Poets, with Preliminary Notices; book written by Southey, Robert 
Speeches in the House of Commons: [Edited by W.S. Hathaway] book written by Pitt, William , Hathaway, W. S. 
Smoke book written by Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich , Garnett, Constance Black 
Uniform State Laws in the United States book written by Terry, Charles Thaddeus 
Walks in London book written by Hare, Augustus J. C. 1834 
Guia O Estado General de La Real Hacienda de Espana .. book written by Senan y. Velazquez, Joseph 
Vermont Beautiful book written by Nutting, Wallace 
Some Notes on Medical Education in England, a Memorandum Addressed to the President of the Board book written by Newman, George 
The Universal Language. an Argument for a Reformed Orthography, as a Means of Aiding the Universal Diffusion of the English Language book written by White, William, JR. 
Socrates and Christ, a Study in the Philosophy of Religion book written by Wenley, Robert Mark 
View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages book written by Hallam, Henry 
Songs of the Press, and Other Adventures in Verse book written by Millard, Bailey , Press, Murdock 
Religio Philosophi; Or, the Principles of Morality and Christianity Illustrated from a View of the Universe, and of Man's Situation on It book written by Hay, William 
Sport Royal and Other Stories book written by Hope, Anthony 
Upon the Visitation of Neutral Vessels Under Convoy, Or, an Impartial Examination of a Judgment Pronounced by the English Court of Admiralty, the 11th book written by Schlegel, J. F. W. 1765 , Juge, De 
A Short History of Hampton Court book written by Law, Ernest Phillip Alphonse 
Some Talk about Animals and Their Masters book written by [Helps, Arthur 
Valuation of Public Utility Properties book written by Floy, Henry 
Soldiers All; Portraits and Sketches of the Men of the A. E. F. book written by Chase, Joseph Cummings 
Universalism in America: A History book written by Eddy, Richard 
The Unseen Friend book written by Larcom, Lucy 
The St. Louis Movement in Philosophy, Literature, Education, Psychology book written by Snider, Denton Jaques 
Strains from the Strand. Trifles in Verse book written by Leigh, Henry S. 1837 
Suppression of Urine; Clinical Descriptions and Analysis of Symptoms book written by Fowler, Edward P. 1833 
St. Augustine: A Biographical Memoir book written by Baillie, John 
Sunshine and Shade in a Happy Itinerant's Life book written by Jackson, Green P. 
A Syllabus of European History for Secondary Schools book written by Larson, Laurence Marcellus 
Steve P. Holcombe, the Converted Gambler: His Life and Work book written by Alexander, Gross 
Discourses on War book written by Channing, William Ellery , Mead, Edwin D. 1849 
The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine book written by South Carolina Historical Society 
The Student's Cicero. Adapted from the German of Munk's Geschichte Der Romischen Literatur book written by Fausset, William Yorke , Munk, Eduard 
The Story of the Stock Exchange; Its History and Position book written by Duguid, Charles 
A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language: To Which Is Added a Selection of Colloquial Sentences book written by Williams, William 
Die Pindarscholien. Eine Kritische Untersuchung Zur Philologischen Quellenkunde. Nebst Einem Anhange book written by Lehrs 
Die Pindarscholien. Eine Kritische Untersuchung Zur Philologischen Quellenkunde. Nebst Einem Anhange book written by Lehrs, Karl 
Die Pindarscholien. Eine Kritische Untersuchung Zur Philologischen Quellenkunde. Nebst Einem Anhange book written by Lehrs, Karl 
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