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A New Woman Reader: Fiction, Articles and Drama of the 1890's book written by Carolyn Nelson 
Factory Lives: Four Nineteenth-Century Working-Class Autobiographies (1828-1850) book written by James R. Simmons, Jr 
Victorian Prose: An Anthology book written by Rosemary J. Mundhenk 
Functions of Victorian Culture at the Present Time book written by Christine L. Krueger 
Whole Disgraceful Truth: Selected Letters of Lady Caroline Lamb book written by Paul Douglass 
Anglo-American Landscapes: A Study of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature book written by Christopher Mulvey 
Mind of Gladstone: Religion, Homer, and Politics book written by David Bebbington 
What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist - the Facts of Daily Life in Nineteenth-Century England book written by Daniel Pool 
Victorian People and Ideas: A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature book written by Richard Daniel Altick 
Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture book written by Ghislaine McDayter 
Key Concepts in Victorian Literature (Palgrave Key Concepts Series) book written by Sean Purchase 
Before Intimacy: Asocial Sexuality in Early Modern England book written by Daniel Juan Gil 
Victorian Literature and the Victorian State: Character and Governance in a Liberal Society book written by Lauren M. E. Goodlad 
A Necessary Luxury: Tea in Victorian England book written by Julie E. Fromer 
Nostalgia And Recollection In Victorian Culture book written by Ann C. Colley 
Anna Jameson: Victorian, Feminist, Woman of Letters book written by Judith Johnston 
The Narratives Of Caroline Norton book written by Randall Craig 
Byron's Romantic Celebrity book written by Tom Mole 
The Long 18th Century book written by Paul Baines 
Mary Hays, (1759-1843): The Growth of a Woman's Mind book written by Gina Luria Walker 
Prose Fiction and Early Modern Sexualities in England, 1570-1640 book written by Constance C. Relihan 
A/Moral Economics: Classical Political Economy and Cultural Authority in Nineteenth-Century England book written by Claudia C. Klaver 
British Aestheticism And The Urban Working Classes, 1870-1900 book written by Diana Maltz 
Hatred and Civility: The Antisocial Life in Victorian England book written by Christopher Lane 
Gender at Work in Victorian Culture: Literature, Art and Masculinity book written by Martin A. Danahay 
Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siècle book written by S. Ledger 
Supreme Attachments: Studies in Victorian Love Poetry book written by Kerry McSweeney 
Realism, Representation, and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Literature book written by Alison Byerly 
Cultivating Victorians: Liberal Culture and the Aesthetic book written by David Wayne Thomas 
Dancing out of Line: Ballrooms, Ballets, and Mobility in Victorian Fiction and Culture book written by Molly Engelhardt 
Keats and Hellenism: An Essay book written by Martin Aske 
Robert Surtees and Early Victorian Society book written by Norman Gash 
Dysfunctional Families in the Wessex Novels of Thomas Hardy book written by Lois Bethe Schoenfeld 
Radical Satire and Print Culture, 1790-1822 book written by Marcus Wood 
Avuncularism: Capitalism, Patriarchy, and Nineteenth-Century English Culture book written by Eileen Cleere 
Wordsworth's Classical Undersong book written by Richard W. Clancey 
Dickens's England: Life in Victorian Times book written by R. E. Pritchard 
Hilaire Belloc: Edwardian Radical book written by McCarthy 
Dickens, Novel Reading, and the Victorian Popular Theatre book written by Deborah Vlock 
Reading London: Urban Speculation and Imaginative Government Eighteenth-Century Literature book written by Erik Bond 
Victorian Psychology and British Culture 1850-1880 book written by Rick Rylance 
Women, Crime, and Character: From Moll Flanders to Tess of the D'Urbervilles book written by Nicola Lacey FBA 
Master and Servant: Love and Labour in the English Industrial Age book written by Carolyn Steedman 
Byron and the Websters: The Letters and Entangled Lives of the Poet, Sir James Webster and Lady Frances Webster book written by John Stewart 
Disciplinarity at the Fin de Siecle book written by Amanda Anderson 
Amazing Grace: The Inspirational Stories of William Wilberforce, John Newton, and Olaudah Equiano book written by Dave Arnold 
Black Dance in London, 1730-1850: Innovation, Tradition and Resistance book written by Rodreguez King-Dorset 
Antique Boxes: Tea Caddies, & Society: 1700-1880 book written by Antigone Clarke 
Coping with City Growth during the British Industrial Revolution book written by Jeffrey G. Williamson 
Urbanising Britain: Essays on Class and Community in the Nineteenth Century book written by Charles W. J. Withers 
Poverty, Progress, and Population book written by E. A. Wrigley 
The Business of Women: Female Enterprise and Urban Development in Northern England 1760-1830 book written by Hannah Barker 
The Essential E. P. Thompson book written by E. P. Thompson 
Pleasures Taken: Performances of Sexuality and Loss in Victorian Photographs book written by Carol Mavor 
The Industrial Revolution and British Society book written by Patrick Karl O'Brien 
Socialism, Radicalism, and Nostalgia: Social Criticism in Britain, 1775-1830 book written by William Stafford 
British Society, 1680-1880: Dynamism, Containment and Change book written by Richard Price 
Heroes of Invention: Technology, Liberalism and British Identity, 1750-1914 book written by Christine MacLeod 
Empires of the Imagination: Politics, War, and the Arts in the British World, 1750-1850 book written by Holger Hoock 
Household Gods: The British and their Possessions book written by Deborah Cohen 
Music and Victorian Philanthropy: The Tonic Sol-Fa Movement book written by Charles Edward McGuire 
Making a Social Body: British Cultural Formation, 1830-1864 book written by Mary Poovey 
Music and British Culture, 1785-1914: Essays in Honour of Cyril Ehrlich book written by Christina Bashford 
Ruskin, the Theatre and Victorian Visual Culture book written by Anselm Heinrich 
Fashion and Women's Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century book written by C. Willett Cunnington 
Benjamin Disraeli book written by Adam Kirsch 
Records of Shelley, Byron, and the Author book written by Edward John Trelawny 
Democratic Subjects: The Self and the Social in Nineteenth-Century England book written by Patrick Joyce 
George Henry Lewes: A Victorian Mind, Vol. 70 book written by Hock Guan Tjoa 
Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the Romance of Politics 1819-1869 book written by Miles Taylor 
Benjamin Disraeli: Scenes from an Extraordinary Life book written by Helen Langley 
Character Counts: Leadership Qualities in Washington, Wilberforce, Lincoln, and Solzhenitsyn book written by Os Guinness 
Darwin's Clever Neighbour: George Warde Norman and His Circle book written by D. P. O'Brien 
Rhodes And Rhodesia book written by Arthur Keppel-Jones 
Merchant Enterprise in Britain: From the Industrial Revolution to World War I book written by Stanley D. Chapman 
John Fielden and the Politics of Popular Radicalism 1832-1847 book written by Stewart Angas Weaver 
Florence Nightingale: The Making of a Radical Theologian book written by Val Webb 
Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece: Her Diary and visions book written by Michael D. Calabria 
Florence Nightingale book written by Colleen A. Hobbs 
Florence Fenwick Miller: Victorian Feminist, Journalist and Educator book written by Rosemary T. Van Arsdel 
Nursing as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemporary Application of Florence book written by Janet Macrae 
Florence Nightingale's European Travels: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 7 book written by Lynn McDonald 
Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale: Selections and Commentaries book written by Michael D. Calabria 
Real Oliver Twist: Robert Blincoe: A Life that Illuminates a Violent Age book written by John Walker 
The Hammonds: A Marriage in History book written by Stewart A. Weaver 
King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain through African Eyes book written by Neil Parsons 
Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery book written by Eric Metaxas 
Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce book written by John Piper 
William Wilberforce: A Hero for Humanity book written by Kevin Belmonte 
A Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce: The Abolitionist Who Changed the Face of a Nation book written by Kevin Bekmonte 
Dark Lady: Winston Churchill's Mother and Her World book written by Charles Higham 
The Magnificent Mrs Tennant: The Adventurous Life of Gertrude Tennant, Victorian Grande Dame book written by David Waller 
The Amazing Grace of Freedom: The Inspiring Faith of William Wilberforce book written by Ted Baehr 
Cecil Rhodes book written by Sarah Gertrude Liebson Millin 
Churchill, the Member for Woodford book written by David A. Thomas 
James Joseph Sylvester: Jewish Mathematician in a Victorian World book written by Karen Hunger Parshall 
Security and Progress: Lord Salisbury at the India Office book written by Paul R. Brumpton 
Sir Garnet Wolseley: Victorian Hero book written by Halik Kochanski 
Lord Salisbury's World: Conservative Environments in Late-Victorian Britain book written by Michael Bentley 
The Life of William Wilberforce book written by Robert Isaac Wilberforce 
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