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A New Woman Reader: Fiction, Articles and Drama of the 1890's book written by Carolyn Nelson 
Factory Lives: Four Nineteenth-Century Working-Class Autobiographies (1828-1850) book written by James R. Simmons, Jr 
Victorian Prose: An Anthology book written by Rosemary J. Mundhenk 
Major Women Writers of Seventeenth-Century England book written by James Fitzmaurice 
Women's Writing of the Early Modern Period: 1588-1688: An Anthology book written by Stephanie Hodgson-Wright 
Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture: A Selection book written by John Mullan 
Lay by Your Needles Ladies, Take the Pen: Writing Women in England, 1500-1700 book written by Suzanne Trill 
Functions of Victorian Culture at the Present Time book written by Christine L. Krueger 
Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation book written by Katharina M. Wilson 
War Stories and Poems book written by Rudyard Kipling 
Selections from the Female Spectator book written by Eliza Fowler Haywood 
Commerce of Everyday Life: Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator book written by Erin MacKie 
Whole Disgraceful Truth: Selected Letters of Lady Caroline Lamb book written by Paul Douglass 
A Known Scribbler: Frances Burney on Literary Life book written by Frances Burney 
Anglo-American Landscapes: A Study of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature book written by Christopher Mulvey 
Deep Gossip book written by Henry Abelove 
King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land: The Divine Feminine in the Mabinogion book written by Caitlin Matthews 
Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain: Hero Myths in the Mabinogion book written by Caitlin Matthews 
Jonson, Horace and the Classical Tradition book written by Victoria Moul 
Anglo-Saxon Conversations: The Colloquies of Aelfric Bata book written by Scott Gwara 
Mind of Gladstone: Religion, Homer, and Politics book written by David Bebbington 
Shadowplay: The Hidden Beliefs and Coded Politics of William Shakespeare book written by Clare Asquith 
Shakespeare from the Margins: Language, Culture, Context book written by Patricia A. Parker 
Religion in the Age of Shakespeare book written by Christopher Baker 
Shakespeare and Co: Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher and the Other Players in His Story book written by Stanley Wells 
Our Scene is London book written by James D. Mardock 
Censorship of British Drama,1900-1968: Volume One 1900-1932,the Laps of the Gods book written by Steve Nicholson 
The Censorship of British Drama, 1900-1968, Vol. 2 book written by Steve Nicholson 
John Bale book written by Peter Happe 
Puritanism and Theatre: Thomas Middleton and Opposition Drama under the Early Stuarts book written by Margot Heinemann 
What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist - the Facts of Daily Life in Nineteenth-Century England book written by Daniel Pool 
Victorian People and Ideas: A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature book written by Richard Daniel Altick 
Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture book written by Ghislaine McDayter 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Anglican Church book written by Luke Savin Herrick Wright 
Semi-Detached Empire: Suburbia and the Colonization of Britain, 1880 to the Present book written by Todd Kuchta 
Key Concepts in Victorian Literature (Palgrave Key Concepts Series) book written by Sean Purchase 
Before Intimacy: Asocial Sexuality in Early Modern England book written by Daniel Juan Gil 
Virginia Woolf Icon book written by Brenda R. Silver 
Victorian Literature and the Victorian State: Character and Governance in a Liberal Society book written by Lauren M. E. Goodlad 
Writing the Nation in Reformation England, 1530-1580 book written by Cathy Shrank 
Culture and Society in the Stuart Restoration: Literature, Drama, History book written by G. MacLean 
Margery Kempe's Meditations: The Context of Medieval Devotional Literature, Liturgy and Iconography book written by Naoe Kukita Yoshikawa 
A Necessary Luxury: Tea in Victorian England book written by Julie E. Fromer 
Nostalgia And Recollection In Victorian Culture book written by Ann C. Colley 
Religion, Literature, and Politics in Post-Reformation England, 1540-1688 book written by Donna B. Hamilton 
A Political Biography of Henry Fielding book written by J. A. Downie 
Anna Jameson: Victorian, Feminist, Woman of Letters book written by Judith Johnston 
Edwardian Poetry book written by Kenneth Millard 
The Narratives Of Caroline Norton book written by Randall Craig 
Byron's Romantic Celebrity book written by Tom Mole 
The Lake Poets and Professional Identity book written by Brian Goldberg 
Fault Lines and Controversies in the Study of Seventeenth-Century English Literature book written by CLAUDE J. SUMMERS 
This Stage-Play World: Texts and Contexts, 1580-1625 book written by Julia Briggs 
The Long 18th Century book written by Paul Baines 
Mary Hays, (1759-1843): The Growth of a Woman's Mind book written by Gina Luria Walker 
Clan Traditions and Popular Tales of the Western Highlands and Islands book written by John Gregorson Campbell 
Prose Fiction and Early Modern Sexualities in England, 1570-1640 book written by Constance C. Relihan 
A/Moral Economics: Classical Political Economy and Cultural Authority in Nineteenth-Century England book written by Claudia C. Klaver 
Amy Levy: Critical Essays book written by Naomi Hetherington 
Ceremony and Community from Herbert to Milton: Literature, Religion, and Cultural Conflict in Seventeenth-Century England book written by Achsah Guibbory 
Curiosities and Texts: The Culture of Collecting in Early Modern England book written by Marjorie Swann 
British Aestheticism And The Urban Working Classes, 1870-1900 book written by Diana Maltz 
Hatred and Civility: The Antisocial Life in Victorian England book written by Christopher Lane 
Sketches in History and Poetry book written by John Campbell Shairp 
In the Anteroom of Divinity: The Reformation of the Angels from Colet to Milton book written by Feisal G. Mohamed 
Gender at Work in Victorian Culture: Literature, Art and Masculinity book written by Martin A. Danahay 
Samuel Johnson In Historical Context book written by Jonathan Clark 
The Rape of the Lock book written by Alexander Pope 
The Nonsense Club: Literature and Popular Culture, 1749-1764 book written by Lance Bertelsen 
Common Prayer: The Language of Public Devotion in Early Modern England book written by Ramie Targoff 
Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siècle book written by S. Ledger 
Samuel Johnson and the Essay, Vol. 79 book written by Robert D. Spector 
Supreme Attachments: Studies in Victorian Love Poetry book written by Kerry McSweeney 
Literature, Politics and Culture in Postwar Brita book written by Alan Sinfield 
Realism, Representation, and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Literature book written by Alison Byerly 
Cultivating Victorians: Liberal Culture and the Aesthetic book written by David Wayne Thomas 
From Dolly Gray to Sarie Marais: The Boer War in Popular Memory book written by Michael Rice 
Dancing out of Line: Ballrooms, Ballets, and Mobility in Victorian Fiction and Culture book written by Molly Engelhardt 
A Travelling Man: Eighteenth Century Essays book written by Donald Davie 
Spenser And The Discourses Of Reformation England book written by Richard Mallette 
Keats and Hellenism: An Essay book written by Martin Aske 
Robert Surtees and Early Victorian Society book written by Norman Gash 
Dysfunctional Families in the Wessex Novels of Thomas Hardy book written by Lois Bethe Schoenfeld 
Radical Satire and Print Culture, 1790-1822 book written by Marcus Wood 
Avuncularism: Capitalism, Patriarchy, and Nineteenth-Century English Culture book written by Eileen Cleere 
Wordsworth's Classical Undersong book written by Richard W. Clancey 
Dickens's England: Life in Victorian Times book written by R. E. Pritchard 
Hilaire Belloc: Edwardian Radical book written by McCarthy 
Dickens, Novel Reading, and the Victorian Popular Theatre book written by Deborah Vlock 
Reading London: Urban Speculation and Imaginative Government Eighteenth-Century Literature book written by Erik Bond 
The Theology and Spirituality of Mary Tudor's Church book written by William Wizeman 
The Antichrist and the Lollards: Apocalypticism in Late Medieval and Reformation England book written by Curtis V. Bostick 
Liturgy and Literature in the Making of Protestant England book written by Timothy Rosendale 
Catholicism in the English Protestant Imagination: Nationalism, Religion, and Literature, 1660-1745 book written by Raymond D. Tumbleson 
Victorian Psychology and British Culture 1850-1880 book written by Rick Rylance 
Women, Crime, and Character: From Moll Flanders to Tess of the D'Urbervilles book written by Nicola Lacey FBA 
Master and Servant: Love and Labour in the English Industrial Age book written by Carolyn Steedman 
American Slaves in Victorian England: Abolitionist Politics in Popular Literature and Culture book written by Audrey A. Fisch 
Edwin Morgan: Inventions of Modernity book written by Colin Nicholson 
If you meet George Herbert on the road, kill him book written by Justin Lewis-Anthony 
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