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Huge Assortment of Animals Books at WonderClub

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The First Three Years: A Cat Diary written by Carmen Miranda 
Rex and the City: A Memoir of a Woman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional Dog written by Lee Harrington 
For the Love of Cats written by White Stone Books 
Good Dogs: Stories of Benevolence written by Ruth Gordon 
A Cat Called Canoe written by Ron Stob 
Pet Noir: An Anthology of Strange but True Pet Crime Stories written by Shannon O'Leary 
Pet Tails: One Woman's Four-Legged Family written by Keturah Mazo 
Our Friend the Dog written by Maurice Maeterlinck 
Savannah Dogs II written by Minnie M. Beil 
My Strange Pets And Other Memories Of Country Life written by Richard Bell 
Dog Heroes of Many Lands written by Sarah Noble Ives 
Hector My Dog His Autobiography written by Egerton Ryerson Young 
The Purrfect Little Cat Book: A Catalogue Of My Life--With A Little Help From My Owner written by Treacle Pelling 
Owney the Post-Office Dog and Other Great Dog Stories written by Joe L. Wheeler 
Pretty White Kitty: Scherzo (as Told to Joybells) written by Joy Swinney Dutton 
Dogs Who Grew Me: A Tribute to the Six Dogs Who Taught Me What Really Matters in Life written by Ann Pregosin 
Memoirs of a Cool Cat written by Joy Cool 
The Dog Rules written by William J. Thomas 
Love of Goldens: The Ultimate Tribute to Golden Retrievers (PetLife Library Series) written by Todd R. Berger 
Yo-Yo: Kidnapped in Provence written by David Douglas Duncan 
The Adventures Of Bosco written by Paige Nicole Benningfield Dierker 
Polo: The Golden Retriever Achiever written by Polo 
Rescued Tails 2 written by Shanara Schmidt 
Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog written by Susannah Charleson 
Kiki: The Crazy Calico Cat written by Jeannean Hise 
A Dog's History of America: How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent written by Mark Derr 
Cat-Dependent No More written by Jeff Reid 
Blind Puppy Five Dollars written by Loretta Scott Miller 
My Strange Pets And Other Memories Of Country Life written by Richard Bell 
My Strange Pets And Other Memories Of Country Life written by Richard Bell 
Brandie Comes to Live with Grandma: By Grandma written by Esther Louise 
So This Is Your Life- Mataya Arrow written by Gaye J. Gompers 
Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home written by Christine Sullivan 
Missy written by Dick Ebbott 
Cheyanne, the Miracle Dog written by Anna Marie Blumenstock 
Dog Collar written by Richard Surman 
Leopardo Da Gotcha written by R. J. R. Rockwood 
Cat Who Covered the World written by Christopher S. Wren 
Lessons By Ripley: Or Rather, Spiritual Lessons From A Cat written by MS Johnnie Hilliard 
Dear Suzie written by Grace Franchi 
Peepers the Talking Starling written by Judi Willkins Sarkisian 
My Doggie And I written by R.M. Ballantyne 
Seven Cats and the Art of Living written by Jo Coudert 
Cat and Dog Tails Too written by Diane Fenstermacher 
Portrait of the Dog as a Young Artist: Art from Scratch, by the World's Preeminent Canine Painter written by F. Bowman Hastie III 
Savannah Dogs III written by Minnie Beil 
Memoir for Mrs. Sullavan written by Bryna Ivens Untermeyer 
Dogs & Cats of Chapel Hill: Furry Tails about Town written by Beverly Dyer 
From Baghdad to America: Life Lessons from a Dog Named Lava written by Jay Kopelman 
Fantastic Cats: A Feast of Famed and Fabled Felines written by Desmond Morris 
Dogs And Their Ways - Anecdote And History written by Rev. Charles Williams 
Love of Dogs: The Ultimate Tribute to Our Best Friend (PetLife Library Series) written by Todd R. Berger 
Rescued Tails written by Fiona Seed 
Chez Dogs written by Frank Palescandolo 
My Doggie And I written by R.M. Ballantyne 
Morphdorph: Coming Home with My New Family written by Stephen J. Brown 
Snatched from My Mother: The true life story of a kitten separated from her mother when she was only one week Old . written by Devinia Sookia 
The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption written by Jim Gorant 
Barkley: A Dog's Journey written by Al Martinez 
Saddled: How a Spirited Horse Reined Me in and Set Me Free written by Susan Richards 
We Give Our Hearts to Dogs to Tear: Intimations of their Immortality written by Alston Chase 
Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home written by Christine Sullivan 
Cat Chats: A Collection of Whimsical Cat Tales written by May Wale Brown 
The Cats of Sanctuary House written by Mary Winifred 
Stickeen: The Story of a Dog written by John Muir 
Our Cat Jingles written by Renee Irvin 
Postcards from the Pug Bus: The Continuing Education of a Pug Dog Owner written by Phil Maggitti 
Woof!: Writers on Dogs written by Lee Montgomery 
From Baghdad to America: Life Lessons from a Dog Named Lava written by Jay Kopelman 
Catsong written by T. J. Banks 
Ophelia's Winter written by Sarah Ann Hill 
My Little Klondike Nugget: A Collection of Comical Doggie Tales written by P. E. Yanisiw 
Bruce's Diary written by Rosalind Clark 
Bark-n-Beautiful written by Kelly Carroll 
Cap'n Jimbo: As Revealed to Roger Chapman written by Jimbo Chapman 
Geoffrey's Journey Home: A Story about One Dog's Journey Home to Heaven and How I Learned to Live Without Him written by Pamela Barnett 
Lord Byron, The Beach Cat written by Martha Lee Brannock 
Cats in the Parsonage written by Clair Shaffer 
Dogs Who Found Me: What I've Learned from Pets Who Were Left Behind written by Ken Foster 
Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home written by Christine Sullivan 
Brigit, Now! written by B. M. Maki 
Working Dogs: True Stories of Dogs and Their Handlers written by Kristen Mehus-Roe 
The Candy Horse: Life As She Sees It written by Dorothy J. Hamilton 
Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments written by W. R. Pursche 
Unleashed: Climbing Canines, Hiking Hounds, Fishing Fidos, and Other Daring Dogs written by Lisa Wogan 
Two Dogs, A Donkey and a Frenchwoman: The Life, Legacy and Adventures of a Traveling Canine Comedy Act written by Mike Sanger 
A Feathered Family: Nature Notes from a Woodland Studio written by Linda Johns 
Kitty Tales and Doggie Deeds written by Barbara Panizzon 
Dear Kilroy: A Dog to Guide Us written by Nora Vitz Harrison 
Goldens Forever: A Heartwarming Celebration of the Golden Retriever (PetLife Library Series) written by Voyageur Press Editor 
Seven Cats And The Art Of Living written by Jo Coudert 
P-Nut: The Love of a Dog written by Ron Berger 
Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus: Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS FR. 616 (Manuscripts in Miniature) written by Marcel Thomas 
Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective written by Kathy Albrecht 
Birding Babylon: A Soldier's Journal from Iraq written by Jonathan Trouern-Trend 
Water from Stone: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve written by Jeffrey Greene 
Lessons From A Sheep Dog written by Phillip Keller 
Lessons from a Girl's Best Friend: What My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Love, and God written by Michelle McKinney Hammond 
Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs, and the Search for a Happy Life written by Gotham Chopra 
Stud: Adventures in Breeding written by Kevin Conley 
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