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I Do, I Don't: Queers on Marriage written by Phillips


I Do, I Don't: Queers on Marriage written by Phillips


Nonfiction. LGBT Studies. Edited by Greg Wharton and Ian Philips. This anthology collects a diverse array of queer voices on the subject of marriage: including poetry, prose, personal essays, nonfiction, interviews, vows, rants, love letters, sermons, photography, sketches, cartoons, and doodles. Silly to serious. In favor and against. Yay and nay, in between, neither, or D) all of the above. I DO/I DON'T: QUEERS ON MARRIAGE includes writing by Patrick Califia, Margaret Cho, Robert Gluck, Eileen Myles, David Rosen, Carol Queen, Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, and zak szymanski.


I Do/I Don't won the 2004 Lambda Literary Award for Nonfiction Anthology.

In 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. (Denmark was the first to grant civil unions in 1989.) Belgium soon followed the Dutch footsteps. In 2003, several Canadian provinces legalized same-sex marriage. For several weeks earlier this year, San Francisco issued legal marriage licenses to over 4,000 same-sex couples-including I Do/I Don't editors Ian Philips and Greg Wharton. Many other cities across the United States followed suit and began marrying couples-until being stopped by legal injunctions. On May 17, 2004, Massachusetts began legally wedding same-sex couples. George Bush is now backing a proposed constitutional amendment to ban these marriages permanently.

Everyone has an opinion, most of which aren't heard in the national media's echo chamber. Especially those from within the sprawling L(esbian)/G(ay)/B(isexual)/T(ransgender)/I(ntersex)/Q(ueer) community. Some consider this a fight for equality. Some see it as the wrong fight. Many are anxiously waiting a chance to wed. Many others find the idea absurd. I Do/I Don't collects a diverse array of queer voices on the subject of marriage. Stars and ordinary Janes. Saints and sinners. Anarchists and poets. Journalists and dreamers. Personal essays, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, vows, rants, love letters, and sermons. Silly to serious. In favor and against. Yay and nay, in between, neither, and D) all of the above. All valid. All from inside the community.

Contributors include (No, really...all of them!) Dorothy Allison, Shane Allison, Charlie Anders, Antler, M.J. Arcangelini, Josh Aterovis and Jon Andrews, Cheryl B., Bruce Bawer, Kevin Bentley, S. Bear Bergman, Steve Berman, Chane Binderup, Jay Blotcher, Keith O. Boykin, Christopher Bram, Tala Brandeis, Michael Bronski, Victoria A. Brownworth, Cynthia Burack and Laree Martin, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Patrick Califia, Anne Campbell, Dale Carpenter, Margaret Cho, David Christensen, Cheryl Clarke, Matthew A. Coles, Sherilyn Connelly, Dana Cory, Wayne Courtois, Dani Couture, Jameson Currier, David Cutler and Mark Ewert, Sven Davisson, Robbie Daw, Christian de la Huerta, Maggie Dolan, Neal Drinnan, Lisa Duggan, Dean Durber, Amie M. Evans, Douglas Ferguson, Steven Finch, Gay Shame San Francisco, Jim Gladstone, Thomas Glave, Robert Glück, Daphne Gottlieb, Steve Greenberg, Aaron Hamburger, Brent Hartinger, Kristie Helms, Kris Hill and Karen Stogdill, Thea Hillman, Walter Holland, Michael Huxley, Debra Hyde, Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco, Rik Isensee, Aaron Jason, Matt Kailey, Davina Kotulski, Gil Kudrin, Greg M. Lanza, Daniel W.K. Lee, Sharon "Vinnie" Levin, Ali Liebegott and Anna Joy Springer, Michael T. Luongo, Jason Mahanes, Jeff Mann, Meredith Maran, Janet Mason, David McConnell, Mike McGinty, Skian McGuire, Mara McWilliams, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Sean Meriwether, Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot, Tim Miller, John Mitzel, Marshall Moore, Eileen Myles, Lesléa Newman, Geoff Parkes, Christopher Penczak, Elissa G. Perry, Felice Picano, Jeff Poniewaz, Jim Provenzano, Andy Quan, Carol Queen, Jonathan Rauch, Alan Reade, Shar Rednour, Rick R. Reed and Nicholas Reed, Alexander Renault, Eric Rofes, David Rosen, Rob Rosen, Roxxie Rosen, Richard J. Rosendall, Michael Rowe, Lawrence Schimel, Sarah Schulman, D. Travers Scott, Will Shank, Simon Sheppard, Bob Smith, Horehound Stillpoint, Meg Stone, Jackie Strano, Ron Suresha, Steve Swayne, Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, zak szymanski, Cecilia Tan, Tristan Taormino, Robert Taylor, Richard Tayson, Dylan Vade, Jim Van Buskirk, Jennifer Vanasco, Carmen Vazquez, Kai Venice, Norah Vincent, Jeff Walsh, Patricia Nell Warren, Tom Wilson Weinberg, Judy Wieder, Robert Williams, and Evan Wolfson.

Alternatives to Marriage Project - Dorian Solot

"I Do/I Don't is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the politics of marriage, especially those who have grown tired of the trite right-left debates about same-sex marriage. It's also a gift to teachers and professors, who no doubt will appreciate the ease of assigning their students to read any handful of the short essays and invigorating their students' thinking on a major contemporary political issue. You won't agree with everything you read in this anthology. But you'll probably be impressed by the intelligence, humor, passion, insight, and humanity you'll find in its pages."

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Title: I Do, I Don't: Queers on Marriage

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