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Humana Festival '97: The Complete Plays written by Jon Jory


Humana Festival '97: The Complete Plays written by Jon Jory


Horseracing. Loneliness. A faltering marriage. A faltering divorce. Medicine (and art). Ovid's Metamorphoses for the street-smart '90s. Those are some of the subjects touched upon in major plays...that form the heart of the 21st Humana Festival of New American Plays.


The fifth volume in Smith and Kraus' annual series of plays produced at America's premiere New Play Festival. The plays are: "Gun-shy" by Richard Dresser, "Private Eyes" by Steven Dietz, "Icarus" by Edwin Sanchez, "In Her Sight" by Carol K. Mack, "Lighting Up the Two-Year Old" by Benjie Anderson, "Misreadings" by Neena Beber, "Polaroid Stories" by Naomi lizuka, "Waterbabies" by Adam LeFevre, and "Stars" by Romulus Linney.

Library Journal

The Humana Festival, in its 21st year at The Actors' Theater in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the nation's premier venues for new plays and both new and well-known playwrights. The festival screened 2900 new scripts to produce these nine works in 1997. Ranging from realism to fantasy, from history to myth, from social commentary to expressions of personal pain, the three short and six evening-length plays are all fiercely actor-centered, and all have a strong comic thread despite topics and treatments that in the end are quite serious. Here, comedy is not so much a release in celebration as a way to create mounting tension. Recommended for both public and academic libraries.Thomas E. Luddy, Salem State Coll., Mass.

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Title: Humana Festival '97: The Complete Plays

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