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Chinese Love Poetry written by Jane Portal


Chinese Love Poetry written by Jane Portal


The three arts of poetry, calligraphy and painting are regarded in China as the Triple Excellence. Here they are brought together in a beautifully produced anthology of forty Chinese love poems ranging from the earliest known works in the famous Book of Songs to the work of Chairman Mao and other twentieth century poets, including poignant examples from the golden age of Chinese poetry in the Tang dynasty (618-906).

Arranged chronologically, the subject of all the poems and extracts is love in all its variations: the love of husbands and wives, family and friends, times and places as well as courtship, passion and parting.

Authoritative English translations are each illustrated with a scene from a Chinese painting or print in the collection of the British Museum. Every poem is also illuminated by the original brushwork calligraphy of Qu Lei Lei. Jane Portal's introduction summarizes the history and development of Chinese poetry, and she provides brief biographical notes on the poets as well as suggestions for further reading.

About the Author

Jane Portal
is an Assistant Keeper in the Department of Asia in the British Museum. She writes extensively on Chinese and Korean art, is the author of Korea: Art and Archaeology and contributed to the award-winning British Museum Book of Chinese Art.

Qu Lei Lei is an artist and calligrapher who came to England from Beijing in 1985. He is the author of two books on Chinese calligraphy and regularly teaches and lectures on Chinese art. His work is exhibited internationally.

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Title: Chinese Love Poetry

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