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Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories, and Plays from Halloweens Past written by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne


Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories, and Plays from Halloweens Past written by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne


"Those who follow this book carefully are sure to win every Halloween contest they enter."
--Booklist The literature of Halloween began in a time when poets, playwrights, and storytellers told tales inspired by fear of fate, the unknown, and the inexplicable--stories about dead souls and otherworldly creatures who drifted through the dark only on Halloween, when the spirit world seemed close enough to touch. This sourcebook of Halloween lore spans British, Irish, Scottish, French, Canadian, and American literature from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, from Robert Burns, W. B. Yeats, and James Joyce to Edgar Allan Poe, Edith Wharton, and H. P. Lovecraft. Each of the poems, stories, and plays in this anthology provides a link to Halloween celebrations of the past. Treasures abound, such as a rare Halloween mention in a colonial American play and a French journalist's retelling of a night spent amongst the bones of a Breton charnel house. The "Hallowoddities" section includes witch-trial testimony, journal entries, and other spooky pieces related to Halloween.


Spooky writing for a literary celebration.

This anthology contains the works of writers from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries who evoke the night to set a scene, twist a plot, or explain something inexplicable, like madness or time travel. Here is Halloween as it was imagined: a joyous time for games and storytelling, a portentous time to make amends and wishes, a solemn time to remember the dead. Included are the works of Robert Burns, H. P. Lovecraft, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, and many more.

Lesley Pratt Bannatyne is also the author of Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History ($14.95 pb) and A Halloween How-To: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations ($17.95 pb).

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Title: Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories, and Plays from Halloweens Past

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