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Arkansas, Arkansas, Vol. 1 written by John Caldwell Guilds


Arkansas, Arkansas, Vol. 1 written by John Caldwell Guilds


From the expeditions of de Soto in the sixteenth century to the celebrated work of such contemporary writers as Maya Angelou, Ellen Gilchrist, and Miller Williams, Arkansas has enjoyed a rich history of letters. These two volumes gather the best work from Arkansas's rich literary history celebrating the variety of its voices and the national treasure those voices have become.

Library Journal

Covering 428 years of Arkansas history (from, roughly, Hernando de Soto's explorations to the integration of Little Rock's Central High School in the late 1950s), this chunky first volume of a two-volume set contains a generous selection of memoirs, history, poetry, folklore, short fiction, and frontier humor that together form a vivid record of a region's passage from violent wilderness to law-abiding state. Editor Guilds (humanities, Univ. of Arkansas) groups his selections in three chronological categories. Some writers represented here are familiar to a broad audience--John Gould Fletcher, William Bartram, John James Audubon, Washington Irving, George Catlin, Harry S. Ashmore, and Thomas Bangs Thorpe (whose famous "The Big Bear of Arkansas" is included)--but the true charm of the book lies in the unfamiliar tall tales and unanthologized lyrics that are herein given another chance. Essential for readers who enjoy regional literature.--Charles Crawford Nash, Cottey Coll., Nevada, MO

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Title: Arkansas, Arkansas, Vol. 1

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