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Androgyny in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature written by Zuyan Zhou


Androgyny in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature written by Zuyan Zhou


"The frequent appearance of androgyny in Ming and Qing literature has long interested scholars of late imperial Chinese culture. A flourishing economy, widespread education, rising individualism, a prevailing hedonism - all of these had contributed to the gradual disintegration of traditional gender roles in late Ming and Qing China (1550-1750) and given rise to the phenomenon of androgyny. Now, Zuyan Zhou sheds new light on this important period, offering a highly original and astute look at the concept of androgyny in key works of Chinese fiction and drama from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries." Based on in-depth readings, exhaustive reasearch in Chinese and English secondary sources, and analytical approaches from Western cultural criticism, Androgyny in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature will be welcomed by students and scholars of gender studies as well as those interested in Chinese literature and history.


Revising his doctoral dissertation for Washington University in St. Louis (no date cited), Zhou (Chinese language and literature, Hofstra U.) contributes to the recent surge of scholarly interest in gender deviation in late-imperial Chinese literature. He traces a trend of androgeny, as he defines it, in canonical literature between approximately 1550 and 1750. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Title: Androgyny in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature

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