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Teaching British Women Writers, 1750-1900 written by Jeanne Moskal


Teaching British Women Writers, 1750-1900 written by Jeanne Moskal


The exuberant recovery from obscurity of scores of British women writers has prompted professors and publishers to revisit publication of women's writings. New curricular inclusion of these sometimes quirky, often passionate writers profoundly disrupts traditional pedagogical assumptions about what constitutes "literature." This book addresses this radically changed educational landscape, offering practical, proven teaching strategies for newly "recovered" writers, both in special topics courses and in traditional teaching environments. Moreover, it addresses the institutional issues confronting feminist scholars who reach women writers in a variety of settings and the kinds of career-altering effects the decision to teach this material can have on junior and senior scholars alike. Collectively, these essays argue that teaching noncanonical women writers invigorates the curriculum as a whole, not only by introducing the voices of women writers, but by incorporating new genres, by asking new questions about readers' assumptions and aesthetic values, and by altering the power relations between teacher and student for the better.


In recent years, the works of a number of previously obscure British women writers have been incorporated into the curriculum, disrupting traditional pedagogical assumptions about what constitutes "literature." In this volume, 20 contributions from American and European academics offer strategies for teaching these newly recovered writers. They also discuss some of the ways in which covering this material can affect one's academic career in various types of institutions. The volume is not indexed. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Title: Teaching British Women Writers, 1750-1900

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