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Anthology of American Literature, Volume I written by George McMichael


Anthology of American Literature, Volume I written by George McMichael


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This two-volume anthology represents America's literary heritage from colonial times through the American renaissance to the contemporary era of post-modernism. Volume I offers early contextual selections from Christopher Columbus and Gaspar Perez de Villagra, as well as an excerpt from the Iroquois League’s Constitution of the Five Nations, and ends with an extensive selection of the poetry of Emily Dickinson. This anthology is best known for its useful pedagogy, including extensive and straightforward headnotes and introductions, as well as its balanced approach to editorial selection process.


Preface For more than three decades, students and instructors have relied on the McMichael-Leonard Anthology of American Literature as a reliable source of literary texts, annotations, and contextual information. The McMichael-Leonard anthology has secured its reputation with a solid core of writers and works and has enhanced that reputation with quality ancillaries, including the Pick-a-Penguin Program, American Literature Database, and text-specific MyLiteratureKitTM. Because it allows such flexibility in meeting individual course needs, Anthology of American Literature is a complete American Literature resource. In preparing this tenth edition, the editors have continued to follow the principles of selection that have made the previous editions so successful: selected works primarily for their literary significance. represented authors by offering extensive samplings of their works. included, where possible, long works in their entirety. provided clear, concise, and informative introductions and headnotes that are appropriate for student readers. explained unfamiliar terms and allusions through in-text references and footnotes. presented author bibliographies that are selective and current. Authors and works in the anthology follow a generally chronological order. In deciding on a standard text from among the various editions available for selections, we have chosen, whenever possible, that edition most respected by modern scholars. The text reprinted is identified at the end of the headnote for each author. Spelling and punctuation are, in some instances, regularized and modernized to correct obvious errors and to suit the reader¿s convenience. An editorial excision of less than one paragraph is indicated by an ellipsis (. . .); excisions of a paragraph or more are indicated by a centered ellipsis: . . . New to the Tenth Edition Building on the anthology¿s solid foundation, we were in this edition able to make important enhancements to content and format: We have updated and revised period introductions and headnotes. We have included new headnotes and selections for the following authors: Ebenezer Cooke, Sarah Kemble Knight, Royall Tyler, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, and E. D. E. N. Southworth. We have added new works or expanded existing ones by Roger Williams, Edward Taylor, Cotton Mather, Samuel Sewall, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, William Apess, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Frances E. W. Harper, and Walt Whitman. We have added new ¿Reading the Historical Context¿ selections by ¿lvar N¿¿ez Cabeza De Vaca, Benjamin Banneker, Thomas Jefferson, and Stephen A. Douglas. We have supplemented the ¿Reading the Critical Context¿ section already included for The Literature of the Early- to Mid-Nineteenth Century by creating equivalent sections for both The Literature of Early America and The Literature of the Eighteenth Century. We have added new ¿Critical Context¿ selections by John Dryden, Alexander Pope, and Benjamin Franklin. We have restored the 1881 version of Walt Whitman¿s Song of Myself, as the version most suitable for classroom use. We have continued the anthology¿s revamping of the treatment of Native American authors, moving away from the ¿myths and legends¿ motif and toward an emphasis on specifically identifiable speakers and authors firmly anchored in the historical context¿including the addition of works by William Apess and Tecumseh. In addition, we have restored Din¿ahane': The Navajo Creation Story to The Literature of Early America. We have for the first time included visual images related to specific literary works and to the general historical and literary contexts of the various periods. Anthology of American Literature also offers design features that make it more accessible to students. The typeface for the headnotes and the literary selections is easy to read. Updated chronological charts offer students at-a-glance information about authors¿ lives and works, as well as key historical, political, technological, and cultural contexts. A Complete American Literature Resource How does the McMichael-Leonard Anthology of American Literature offer more of what students and instructors want for their American Literature courses? Pick-a-Penguin Program Pearson is proud to announce an agreement with Penguin Putnam that allows us to package¿at substantial discounts¿the most popular American Literature trade paperbacks with the McMichael-Leonard Anthology of American Literature. Ask your Pearson sales representative for details and for a listing of available American Literature titles. American Literature Database Now instructors can customize course material with the Pearson Custom Library of American Literature. A database featuring more than 1,700 literary works, the Pearson Custom Library of American Literature gives instructors the flexibility to choose other selections they might want to use along with the McMichael-Leonard anthology. For details, visit < http://www.pearsoncustom.com/custom-library/the-pearson-custom-library-of-american-literature >, or contact your Pearson sales representative. American Literature Online MyLiteratureKit is a dynamic online learning system that enhances American Literature Survey courses.¿ It offers a wealth of resources such as practice quizzes with grade tracker and open-ended discussion questions, a gradebook that tracks results, interactive timelines, maps, an online library of key works, visually-rich PowerPoints with outlines of each period accompanied by maps and images, an instructor's manual written by our anthology editors, and more.¿¿MyLiteratureKit offers everything you need to save time and to engage students.¿Please visit www.myliteraturekit.com for more information. Acknowledgments We would like to thank the countless instructors and students, as well as the editorial and production teams, who have contributed their time and ideas to Anthology of American Literature. For the tenth edition, our thanks are particularly extended to research assistants James Wharton Leonard (Wake Forest University) and Roger Howard (The Citadel), and to Christine E. Wharton, David Allen, James Hutchisson, Licia Calloway, and Lauren Rule of The Citadel. We would like to thank the following reviewers for their invaluable feedback: Dr. Betsy Berry University of Texas at Austin; Jesse R. Bishop, Georgia Highlands College; Allan Chavkin, Texas State University at San Marcos; Dr. Lesley Ginsberg, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Dr. Heidi M. Hanrahan, Shepherd University; Beverly A. Hume, Indiana University-Purdue University; Lea Masiello, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Garry Partridge, San Antonio College; Steven Reynolds, College of the Siskiyous; Dr. Sarah Stephens, University of Texas at Arlington; John C. Sutton, Francis Marion University. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Pearson publishing team: Vivian Garcia, Heather Vomero, Joseph Terry, Denise Philip, Cheryl Besenjak, Carrie Fox, and Ann Bailey. THE EDITORS

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Title: Anthology of American Literature, Volume I

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